Bloggin’ Friends

I think to be a consistent, successful blogger, you need friends who blog along side of you. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a couple of people who enjoy writing as much as I do and have a passion for travel, life, and all things in between (but mainly travel). Be sure to check out their blogs, give them some love (follow them!), and most importantly, take in their words and go off and adventure for yourself.

R A C H E L || NoCoast Weekend


Rachel and I met through a study abroad trip back in 2013. Our friendship took off immediately when we both realized we were picky eaters. Throughout our friendship ice cream and adventure have been at the core. She inspires me to stay close to nature, appreciate the world around me, and keep building my faith on the daily.

Her blog focuses on her weekend adventures between the busy work weeks. Rachel, her husband, and their amazing dog Nordy go on some of the most awe-inspiring explorations. You’ll love her intentional writing.

NoCoast Weekend Blog | Rachel’s Twitter | NoCoast Weekend Instagram


E L L I E || Roadtripable

ellieI met Ellie on the same study abroad trip and again there was an instant friendship. Her and I started off as roommates with two other girls, and we both quickly realized there was something special with our group. Ellie’s sense of adventure, her general intelligence, and kind heart made me know she would be a solid friend.

Ellie and her husband moved to Utah a few years back and have since been taking every opportunity they can to explore the space around them, which started her blog, Roadtripable. I’ve never been one for roadtrips (mad road rage), but Ellie’s blog has inspired me to try it out again and see the world around me.

Roadtripable Blog | Roadtripable Instagram