Dear Nonprofit Worker,

The world has been suffering for a long time, now more so than ever, and you’ve always seen it. You’ve seen the broken sectors of the world and you jumped in to help. You saw your communities hurting, you saw people you love or strangers suffer, or your heart exploded when you realized your passion could be your job. You found a cause you believed in and you made sacrifices along the way to fight your good fight.

Today, you’re fighting an uphill battle. You understand, there’s a more urgent battle to fight now, but you see your fight, your cause, falling to the side. You’re seeing people suffer in new ways, new communities hurting, or your communities hurting in new ways. And while you try your best to find new, innovative ways to combat both battles, you’re struggling and that’s okay.

I know you’re exhausted. You’re wishing every night there was more you could do. You’re seeing organizations like yours having to make difficult decisions. You’re willing to sacrifice pay, PTO, anything you can to those in need. You’re begging to make sacrifices to see your cause, your battle fight another day.

I see you. I feel for you. I am you. My heart continues to break for those on the frontlines of COVID-19. My heart crumbles for my cause and yours, where people can no longer give or volunteer because this virus continues to take and take.

I see your resilience, your passion, and drive. I understand your sleepless nights, wondering how this virus is affecting your hurting communities. I know at times you’re feeling helpless, the world feels helpless with you.

But you have the heart of a nonprofit worker. You are selfless, genuine, and kind. Passionate, brilliant, and unique. You are the good the world needs, whether it’s for your cause or this new battle we face. You will come out stronger. You will make it through.

This too shall pass.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Friends, if you’re able, please support your causes. Donate to nonprofit organizations who are still fighting for their communities – whether it’s COVID-19 related or not. If you’re in the US and received your stimulus check, remember you can donate $300 (if able) to a charitable organization and put it on your taxes next year. More information: As Coronavirus Spread, the $2 Trillion Economic Relief Bill Makes Donating to Charity More Convenient Than Ever

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