More things to do while distancing

Last week I wrote a hard-hitting piece on 10 Things to Do While Quarantined… this week, I did it again, but not 10 things.

I’ve now been physical distancing (I don’t believe in social distancing, because you need to be social during these times) and working from home for two weeks. Which is absolutely crazy to me, but I’m so thankful I’m able to do so. I’m getting bored of just sitting around watching TV, so once again, I’ve come to you with more ideas of what to do with your home time. Here’s this weeks list:

Color in a coloring book

I was on a two hour work call the other day and needed to busy myself while I was listening, so I decided to whip out one of my adult coloring books (childrens coloring books work as well) and just get to it. It was so relaxing and I felt somewhat accomplished after I finished it.


Go outside & clean up litter

On my walks with Baxter, I’ve noticed so much litter since the snow has officially melted. I’ve decided to start bringing a bag with us on our walks and pick up what I find. I’m already not touching my face or anything as I’m walking, so as soon as I throw it away in my apartments dumpster, I head to my apartment and diligently wash my hands. Win for the environment, win for protecting against COVID-19, win for exercise!


Virtual happy hour with friends

I don’t enjoy drinking alone, but I really love wine. So to fix this issue, I’ve set up virtual happy hours and drinks with my friends! It’s been a great way to unwind, talk to people for real, and feel like you have company over. 


Play hide & go seek with your pet or housemate

I can’t tell you the amount of times Baxter and I have played hide and go seek. Mainly because I have to do it when he’s least expecting it, otherwise he follows me so closely I can’t hide. It’s fun, it makes you giggle, and it’s a good release from all the scary things happening.


Start that passion project

Been wanting to start an instrument, planning a business, writing a book, or something else wild and crazy? Well, now’s the time to get it started. You have time to play out every scenario, big or small. Put together the outline, business plan, chorus. Whatever you need to do to spark joy and passion…do it.


Take Yale’s most popular class – for free

Y’all is offering it’s most popular class, The Science of Well Being, and you can join me and millions of others who are now taking the course for free. Learn about the true basics of happiness, where your own happiness lies, and see it transform when you take intentional steps during this 10-week course (yes, I wrote that myself, I watched many videos on it this morning). Your mascot is a bulldog and you can spend $49 to earn the certificate FROM YALE.


Virtually Visit or Learn from the Smithsonian 

With a commitment to support teachers, many museums are offering virtual classes, visits, etc. I know a gal who works at the Smithsonian (sup, sista?), and she let me know of all the amazing things people can experience and learn during this time. You may even find a lecture from my sister on there (wink, wink). Check out what the Smithsonian is doing to promote Distance Learning


Travel Virtually

My friend Michelle is probably the most experienced, intelligent traveler I know. She recently started her own blog (which is incredible) and shares what she thinks are the best tips and tricks for travel. Her most recent post talked about traveling virtually, so I say check it out instead of reading about it on my blog (then give her a little follow)!


Minnesota officially goes into Shelter-In-Place starting this Friday, March 27 until April 10. While this doesn’t change much for how I’ve been living these past few weeks, I know this will make a major impact. But I feel confident in our state, our local government, and the decisions being made. 

If you’ve already been practicing shelter-in-place, THANK YOU. You are truly doing your part and helping curve the spread of COVID-19. We’re all in this together. And that means brainstorming ideas to keep ourselves entertained.

What are you ideas for hanging out at home and keeping yourself entertained? Send me photos, comments, or connect with me on instagram! 

Stay well, thanks for reading, & cheers,



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