10 Things to do in Quarantine

Hello from COVID-19 social and physical distancing! I’ve been working from home for the week, isolating myself from any and all humans, and really becoming best friends and a walk-o-holic with my dog. If you’re anything like me, this is a very difficult time for you. Being an extrovert is not usually something people feel concerned about. You excel in most situations that scare people. You feel confident when you talk to people and feel energy from spending the day in meetings or chatting with co-workers.

And now you’re stuck at home, with only texting, facetiming, and phone calls are your connection to people you know and love. Otherwise, your main human contact is apologetically smiling and nodding while walking your dog as he pulls like a crazy doggo toward the stranger.

So I’m here to help you (but mainly me) with ideas of what to do with your time while you’re social distancing, or better yet, physical distancing.

One: Clean your living space

Yes, I’m telling you to do chores. BUT, if we’re being honest, we’ve been putting off the vacuuming, dusting, sanitizing, etc. So get to it. Wash your dogs dishes, wipe those counters down, and for heaven’s sake, dust your bookshelf.


Two: Cook something new

I know grocery stores have been tough to navigate, but pick out a recipe you’ve been wanting to try and get to cooking! Afraid to hit up the store? Many are bringing your groceries to your car or will deliver. No excuses today, my friends! Still not wanting to purchase something? No worries, look in your pantry, and make something new! Get creative and let’s hope it’s tasty.


Three: Read

Who has an entire bookshelf of books you’ve been wanting to read? (Yes, I have a full pile in my to-read list). Now’s the time to hunker down and welcome yourself into a new universe, story, or world. Enjoy the time away from the TV, news channels, and work space. Some books I enjoy:


Four: Watch a movie

Netflix is releasing movies constantly. Disney+ released Frozen II three months before it should have. Hulu is releasing new binge-worthy shows as well. Enjoy that time of binging and give your mind a break from all things COVID-19.


Five: Call your family or friends

Facetime, give them a ring, whatever you need to do to feel connected. Instead of eating lunch in front of the TV, set up a lunch get together through Facebook. Enjoy a glass of wine with friends over the phone. Pop some popcorn and watch a movie on netflix with your people on the other line.


Six: Go for a Walk

Having a dog has made this easier for me, but get outside. We’re being encouraged to go on walks and be outdoors. Take breaks from sitting around and just go around the block. Find a park and pick a random trail. Enjoy the ability to be outside right now.


Seven: Do a YouTube workout

Yoga With Adriene. That’s it, that’s my paragraph. Enjoy her videos. Take the time to relax, build strength, whatever you need to do – in the comforts of your home.


Eight: Learn a Tik Tok Dance

I’m new to the Tik Tok world, but let’s be real, there are so many dances and trends on the app. I have no idea how to do any of them, so I’m going to learn one…maybe. It’s a list of ideas so we’re trying new things people. Give it a go and let me know how you do!


Nine: Do a photoshoot of your pet

If you’re like me, you’re obsessed with your pet. They’re probably the bestest looking boy or girl out there. So find the good lighting in your place and get to portrait moding. If you don’t have portrait mode, use the normal camera and have some fun editing.

Ten: Wash. Your. Hands.

For the love of all things good and pure, please just wash your hands. If you go out in public, wash your hands, use your bath and body works hand sanitizer from seventh grade, and protect OTHERS. Listen, I know we live in a world where we like to think about how you’re affected first, but please, think of others right now.


BONUS, Eleven: Support small businesses

So many local restaurants and stores are doing everything they can to make it easier on you to support them. Order some takeout, ask a store to pick out some items from their selection for you, do what you can to support those people who are still working and trying to keep their paychecks healthy. Do your part.


Now I know, not everyone is able to stay home and be quarantined. I want to say THANK YOU to those on the frontlines, treating patients in hospitals, checking people out at stores, restocking shelves of the supplies people are buying, and serving meals to those who need them. Nothing has been put more into perspective than how hard you all work and how undervalued you all are. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

While there are so many concerning things happening right now (i.e. the rich being tested over the middle/low class, people losing their jobs or not getting the pay they need to survive, and fear purchases). But, let’s find some silver linings of the virus:

  • Pollution lessening across the globe
  • People singing together to find community
  • More time with our pets
  • Recognition of notable companies who are taking care of their people
  • Finding the “helpers” in our communities

Together, we will get through this. And I have a feeling, we’ll all be better because of it. Maybe not in every aspect of life, but definitely as people, we will be better.

Thanks for reading – share in the comments what you’re doing during this pandemic!


P.S. Here’s me and Baxter, quarantining at the apartment!

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