Random Ramblings…pt. 5

So much has happened these last few months and I don’t know how else to get everything out of my head. I started writing this post before the holidays and I was in a really down state. I knew a lot of what I was saying was sad and I decided to wait to post. Even though last week was tough, I’m feeling good today and I wanted today to be a good day. So here I am, trying to get anything negative out of my head and share positive thoughts with people as well.

Sometimes, I’m just proud to wake up.

I’ve been struggling with being a good friend and showing up for the people in my life.

My dog exhausts me, but I also love him so much.

I struggle to focus on almost anything. Reading, creating, bullet journaling, watching tv, watching movies, having a conversation, etc. Everything has been hard to focus on.

I’m quickly running out of money, but I keep spending money…it’s a vicious cycle.

My boss has been trying to help me with my confidence. I feel so lucky to have her in my corner.

The way my dog looks at me when he’s sleepy makes my heart melt. He’s SO cute.

Decorating for Christmas has brought me more joy than I thought it would – Christmas cheer is real peeps.

I’m still continuing the journey to finding a good pair of jeans.

I’m still single and I’m honestly not looking for anything right now. I want to get my mental health in the right place and take Baxter to a dog park where I know I’m going to meet the love of my life, so let’s not put pressure on the rest of the story.

I looking for a new place to live. I think I found a perfect fit but the dang realtor won’t respond to all of my messages.

I’ve had some wins at work that are really building my confidence, which is so cool!

I found a new book series I really like and that’s exciting – check out Scythe!

It’s funny how vacuuming my apartment brings me joy once it’s complete.

I think I’m regularly dehydrated so I need a better way to drink water.

I fell really hard on ice this past weekend and my entire body hurts. So bad. Send help.

I had a really major anxiety attack this past weekend and I started Lizzie McGuire to remind me of simpler times and wow, now I’m hooked and can’t stop, thanks Disney+

I wish Baxter could just talk to me and tell me what he needs.

I miss running outside…who am I?

I’ve been burning through candles like no ones business. I’ve had so many for so long and I’m officially working through them so I can buy more next season.

Lint rollers save outfits.

Standing desks are the bees knees and I love that I finally invested in one.

That’s it folks, random ramblings part five. Thanks for always letting me just write what feels right. I know sometimes people get a frantic text from me asking what I should write about, but simple weeks like this are so nice.

See you in February!


P.S. Should I stop doing these? Nevermind, I will never stop these. Wait until part 100.

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just a girl inspired by traveling, dogs, and the people who surround her.

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