My 2020 resolutions


Or will there be a new phrase for the twenties for originality purposes? Let me know.

Now’s the time for a fresh start. Plan new goals, reframe your mindset, and try to become the best version of yourself through your resolutions. I’m going to be honest, I haven’t really thought long and hard about my resolutions, so these are going to be just as much a surprise to me as all of you. Every year I come in thinking, “this is it, this is the year I’m going to succeed at all of my resolutions and have life figured out.” and every year I fail. So this is it people, this is my year to succeed (I really wish sarcasm read better).

No matter how well I do with these resolutions, I’m setting myself up to live a happier, healthier life in 2020 and that’s all that matters. I know there will be setbacks and I know by the end of the year I’ll look at this list and have to admit how I did (which will hopefully be at least 80%).

One: Read more

I had a goal of reading 20 books in 2019. I did it in 2018, so I figured, heck, I can do that again! And I didn’t. So my goal is to just spend more time reading. If I don’t like a book, I need to find a new one instead of being turned off from reading in general. I need to get to the library.

Two: Travel

I miss going to new cities. I traveled a lot in 2019, but I didn’t pick where I was going. This year I want to be the one who picks and people can join if they want.

Three: Positive talk

I’m awesome and I need to start telling myself that. I need to look in the mirror every day and tell myself that I’m a strong, capable, talented woman.

Four: Stand up for myself

Pretty self-explanatory. I don’t always put myself and my feelings first. I’ll hold back my opinion or allow myself to be indecisive because I don’t have confidence in my thoughts or ideas.

Five: Care less about others opinions

It’s mentally draining to care about what others think constantly. I love the people I surround myself with, so I value their thoughts and opinions, but I typically let others opinions run my life before I make a decision for myself. That’s going to stop.

Six: Save more

Good lord, 2019 was the year of spending. So in 2020, while I still want to travel, explore, and enjoy life a little more, I need to save. I need to rebuild that savings account for a little security.

Some big plans already in the works for 2020:
  • Travel to: Arizona, Colorado, Vancouver, England, Washington D.C., North Carolina
  • Blog posts: I already have four post drafts, so this year will be better with blogging
  • Dog Mom Life: let’s get to those dog parks, hiking trails, etc.
  • February Fast: I’m deciding between two options of what to give up this February and either way, it’s going to be tough.

Every year, I pick a word or a phrase to remember throughout the year and in 2019 I had picked “focus”. It worked actually very well. I kept it in my office and in my apartment I would randomly see it and be reminded of my goals for 2019. While life tried to keep things out of focus, being intentional helped reel me back in.

2020 word: self-care

I’m ready to live a year full of health, happiness, and love. I can’t wait to really focus on showing myself kindness, caring for my body and mind, and overall “becoming the best version of myself”. I know the New Year brings pressure, but I look at it as a blank slate. We’re in a new decade, so let’s embrace it warmly and show the world how good we are.

Happy New Year, everyone! Be bold, be brave, and most importantly, be kind.


P.S. I rang in the new year with Baxter sleeping on my chest soundly, waking up right as midnight hit and giving me a lil kiss on the face. Wow did my heart explode. Who knew this is what true love feels like? (lol, but actually tryna still find a bf, so hook a girl up if you know someone).

P.P.S. To all who know me personally and have suffered through many conversations of me manifesting this, welcome to the year of Casie!

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just a girl inspired by traveling, dogs, and the people who surround her.

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