Casie, are you there?

Weddings, work events, and family emergencies
Different states, cities, and buildings
Through the happy tears, stressful sobs,
and scared tears rolling down my face
It’s been my life all along.

Feelings set aside
Focused on others
Forgetting my own needs
Floating day by day
through my life all along.

Somehow the plants are alive
the apartment is *clean*
decorations for fall are in place
things still feel cozy
in my life all along.

I’ve lost track of time
Each day moving faster than the last
I’ve experienced patience beyond belief
and I’m thankful
for my life all along.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting regularly. Honestly, I think posting once a week is an amazing goal, but I don’t think it’s one I’ll meet regularly. Since I want to create posts that actually mean something to me and include a little bit of creativity, then I don’t think writing weekly makes sense. I want to write when an idea comes to me or I’ve been working on something I’m really proud of, but this also means I’m losing the entire reason as to why I decided to continue my blog in the first place.

I wanted to keep my writing strong. I wanted to stay creative as often as possible. I wanted to push myself to do things I don’t think to do regularly. This blog allows me to succeed, to fail, to struggle through life with some people by my side.

I’m going to do better, but I’m going to do what’s best. I’m going to write with strong ideas and thoughtfulness. I’m going to continue to change this blog as I evolve as a person.

Thanks for reading, even when I’m gone.


P.S. LOL, so we thought I could do poetry? Wow, I must be hecka tired, amirite?

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just a girl inspired by traveling, dogs, and the people who surround her.

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