Does everything or nothing actually matter?

This past weekend, I was at my best friends bachelorette party and as the night was coming to a close, a few of us sat on the front porch of our secluded cabin, looking up at the sky and chatting about whatever came to mind (what a mental image, right?).

Then my friend said, “Well, nothing actually matters anyways!

We all sat there in silence, some in agreement, some not.

Then I said, “I don’t think I agree…I think everything matters.

This started what might have been my favorite conversation of all time. Now, I will say some adult beverages were consumed, so I think a lot of our filters were turned down or completely off, but all of our thoughts came together in a really interesting way. Now, I don’t have everything transcribed from that conversation, but I wanted to talk through both sides of the discussion and see where you might land.

I think the nothing really matters side comes into play when you look at your work. It doesn’t really matter in the long run if you quit your job, because there’s a high likelihood there’s someone else well equipped to do what you do. It doesn’t really matter in the long run if you said the wrong thing in a meeting, that’s easily fixable. Then outside of work, does it really matter what bed you have? If you buy or rent? Or if you sleep in a little bit? Probably not.

However, I could probably look at each one of those situations and explain why it does actually matter. Quit your job? You quitting means a door is opening for someone else or a door is opening for you. Said the wrong thing in a meeting? Might spark some ideas in others brains. Have the right or wrong bed? Could potentially be causing life long effects on your body. Buying or renting? How’s that bank account looking in the short or long term? Did you pick the right neighborhood? Did you make friends with your neighbors?

In almost any situation, I could find a way to make something matter – but I also believe that everything, no matter what, matters in some capacity. Big or small, our actions, decisions, and lives matter.

A decision you make could lead to life long friends, figuring out who someone truly is, or developing a deeper understanding of yourself. The actions you take put everything around you into motion, even if you don’t see the direct impact. If nothing truly mattered, people wouldn’t vote, go to the doctor, donate to nonprofits, follow the law, or all in all, care for one another.

So, does it depend on what mindset you want to take when thinking if nothing or everything matters? If you have an individualized mindset, is it easier to believe that nothing really matters? Or do you see what’s happening in the world and realize, wow, okay, so nothing I do can actually matter? I want to know your mindset of why you believe nothing matters. Do I only believe that everything matters because I work at a nonprofit and see that every step in life leads you somewhere or to someone? I don’t know.

So, what do you think? Does everything or nothing really matter? If you disagree with me, let me know why in the comments!

My friends and my conversation ended with all of us agreeing in some capacity that things matter, but we weren’t sure if every thing mattered.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Don’t you love late night convos? Because same.

P.P.S. The Amazon rainforests are currently engulfed in wild fires – THAT MATTERS.

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