I tried running for a month

I want to find a hobby. I don’t know what my hobby will be, but I’m going to keep testing the waters. This month, I decided running was going to become my hobby. I want to get into shape and feel better. I want to build my endurance. I want to be athletic again. I tried going to the gym during the winter and that worked, but not enough. Now that it’s sunny and beautiful outside, I determined it was time to get my booty into gear and start running.

I was a sprinter in middle/high school (stop holding onto your past that was over 8 years ago, Casie Marie!) and I really let myself go when I moved to Minnesota. I used every excuse in the book to avoid exercising.

This time, I wanted to do it right. I wanted to exercise on my terms, building a good relationship with running. A lot of people suggested I sign up for a race to work toward, or get on an app to train, but that’s not why I was doing this. I wanted to look at running as a time to clear my head, to be outside, to get my body moving. Yes, I had small goals, but overall, it was to build this into a hobby, not a competitive motivator.

With that, I wanted to describe my experience through my thoughts throughout. Here’s small summary sentences that describe each run. Enjoy!

Run 1: This is hard. Time to walk. Catch my breath. Okay let’s go again. I did it! I started running.


Run 2: I think I’m going too fast – ouch, my side really hurts. Why did I choose a hill? I’m walking this hill. Last stretch! I feel better.

Conquered the hill…by walking.

Run 3: I get pizza after this. I get pizza after this. Okay this isn’t so bad. Thank goodness McKenzy called me so I could practice pacing. I’m not good at pacing.

Run 4: Get up and go because it’s going to be hot this afternoon. Whoa, this is easier than before. Okay, just hit the mile and see where you end with time. Woo! Under 12 minutes for a mile and I only walked a little.


Run 5: Big day ahead & I have a lot of nervous energy…oh friends want to join me! Okay first time running with people. This is nice. I’m not good at talking and running. I’ll sprint now.


Run 6: Just get up and go, it’s been three days. Almost to that mile point – aw a fellow runner ran past and said good job, what a nice little community we have going here. This is nice. Lots of smiles all around this morning. Oh no, geese.


Run 7: It’s a beautiful morning! I’m feeling really good with my run today. I’m going longer than I ever have – okay, I hit .75 mile, so let’s take a break…I wanna keep running. Wow I finished and only walked .03 of my mile. STICK IT OUT NEXT TIME CASIE!


Run 8: In Pennsylvania, we have a wedding tonight, Cas, so let’s do this. Wow this neighborhood is amazing. Almost to the mile mark. I DID IT I RAN A MILE WITHOUT STOPPING.


Run 9: Alright, gotta fly out today, time to get in a run to get rid of some energy. Let’s try a new route…Oh gosh I’m lost…just find one familiar street name. Oh Lake Eerie!

Run 10: Home sweet home, my parents neighborhood is super hilly. I’m not loving this run. I don’t really want to do this right now.

Run 11: Okay, let’s go to this neighborhood to see if it’s less hilly. Not to bad, super boring. It’s buggy outside. This run felt good. I really need new running shoes.


Run 12: This run does not feel good. It’s warmer than usual. Something hurts in my ankle, my shins, and my knees. My breathing is steady, but my legs aren’t moving right.


Run 13: I can barely get my eyes open but we’re going – it’s a beautiful morning for a run! Ugh, my knees and shins are still hurting and I switched my shoes. Let’s take to Facebook to see what advice people can offer up. (Shout out to my boy Chris! He sent me the best exercises and plan and I’m PUMPED!)

– Here is where I take a break for about a week to rest my legs and begin again with better shoes, exercises, and a little bit of self love –

Run 14: Doing intervals today to see how my knees are feeling – still not good. Great okay. We’ll still finish out a 30 minute walk/run. My mood is better which is all that matters.

Run 15: Today we’re on an elliptical to make it easier on my knees. It’s crazy how I don’t get out of breath as easily now. I really enjoy this.

The month of June ended and I didn’t run as much as I hoped for this post, but that’s okay. I’m so proud of myself for hitting one of my goals while working on this post and even though I’m currently trying to make my knees stronger and it feels like a set back, I know I’m going to keep running as a little hobby of mine.

I saw myself thin out. I saw my appetite changing in positive ways. My mental health was better and I gave myself 30 minutes most days to just focus on myself.

I’m going to continue running, but I’m going to go back to exercising in various ways, not just one. I’m excited to see myself grow in this hobby.

Finding a hobby isn’t always what you think it will be. It can be hard and frustrating, but it’s also incredibly rewarding when you do something you didn’t know you could. I hope everyone can find this kind of joy when they start something new.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. What should my next hobby be?

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2 thoughts on “I tried running for a month

  1. Amazing job sticking it out. Run walking is a great way to allow yourself good days and bad days. Biggest thing is making it a routine, but not a chore. I love how you mixed in elliptical, as I only run 3 days a week, and always look forward to the better mental health it affords me. PS you’re the BEST

  2. This is EXACTLY how I started over 13 years ago! Run for a minute, walk for a minute. I’ve done many 5Ks, EC marathon relay stints, and one EC half marathon, and girl, even if you never do a race, the fact that you are trying it out is WONDERFUL! I have started doing elliptical more since my knee overtraining injury and it’s great too. But there’s still something about running and so I’m back to it again this summer. MISS YOU FRIEND!

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