25 things I learned while 25

Tomorrow I turn 26. And I recognize for so many people they’re thinking “wow she’s so young!” but, holy moly, I’M GETTIN’ UP THERE.

Am I stressed about being 26? A little.

Am I wishing I could relive 25? Absolutely not. 

This year has been one for the books. I got a promotion at work, I traveled across the United States, I saw so many of the people I love get the jobs they wanted, get engaged, or really find their stride in life. I made big decisions. I moved back out on my own. And I’m just getting started. 

I gained so much clarity this year about who I am as a person, what I want to pursue in life, and what genuinely makes me happy. So, to stick to tradition, I would like to present you with the 25 things I learned while 25:

1. Patience is a virtue when dealing with electric companies

2. You’re stronger than you think

3. Sometimes crying is the best medicine

4. You depend on your parents more than you ever thought.

5. Honestly, renting a car is pretty dope.

6. You actually use the term “the good old days” and MEAN IT.

7. Figuring out your hobbies is tough.

8. It’s actually hard to sleep without the white noise of a fan.

9. When you desperately want to go somewhere, your flight will be delayed 98% of the time.

10. Setting small goals keeps you motivated.

11. Week nights are precious.

12. You’re at the age where majority of your friends are engaged, married, or in serious relationships and that’s a tough pill for you to swallow.

13. Some foods you once loved hurt you very bad *cough Taco Bell cough*

14. Life is very expensive.

15. Sometimes, you really can be your own worst enemy.

16. Belly laughs are still my favorite moments.

17. My attention span hasn’t gotten longer.

18. It’s very hard for me to not write in threes.

19. Being busy is a blessing in disguise.

20. Sometimes friends can let you down, it’s up to you how you want to react.

21. Finding a good pair of jeans continues to be a challenge.

22. Saying no can set you free.

23. Planning a warm vacation in the winter is a must & I’ll never make the mistake of not…ever again.

24. Work friends quickly become real friends & you count yourself lucky every day.

25. Nothing beats time with the people who know you to your core.

I really should create this list throughout my year, every time I actually learn a lesson. I struggle each time to actually come up with what I’ve learned, when I could just edit it down whenever it comes close to my birthday. Hindsight, am I right?

I want to thank everyone who has stuck by me this year. I know I fell off the radar for some, probably tried to talk to others too much, and definitely failed a few times as a friend, sister, or daughter. I’m lucky to have my people in my corner, rooting for my success even when I let them down. Please know, I love you, I’m trying, and I’ll do my very best each day.

Here’s to 26!


P.S. For real, I’m going to start drafting up my lessons for 26 as soon as my year begins.

P.P.S. One more lesson:


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