Random Ramblings pt. 3

Oh no, she’s at it again. No new blog post ideas so now we have to sit here and read whatever comes to this girls mind… great. 

I’M SORRY! I’ve been dealing with allergies all week and haven’t had the energy to come up with anything interesting to write about, but I really wanted to write something. I feel like I’ve been in this creative funk for a while and it’s starting to kind of stress me out. I’m usually bursting with new, fun ideas. And I have ideas, I really do, but almost all of them take a good amount of time to research, implement into my life, and then write about. So good things coming…just not today…

To try to get myself into a creative mood, I scrap-booked last night, which was a great moment for art therapy for me. I worked on my New Mexico trip with my sister and I was so happy reflecting on our time together and started looking forward to our trip to New York in June!

I’m allergic to the outdoors right now and that’s not cool with me.

I need some new music to blast while working out, so if someone wanted to share a few songs in the comments, I would greatly appreciate it.

I’ve been browsing the websites for dogs to adopt and each time I get closer and closer to applying for a dog, even though I know I’m not ready. But they’re all so cute and lovable and I just want to give them a home. Watch…I’m about to end up with 12 dogs.

My apartment is so cute and cozy and I am finally feeling so happy with where I’m living that I just want to spend all my time there. Everyone come over and hang out at my place because it’s amazing.

I’m building out my “bucket list” for 2019 (aka, 19 things in 2019) and I’ve been struggling with what to do. A few of my goals are pretty lofty and I hope I can motivate myself to get moving on them.

FOMO. It’s been real in my life and because of it I’m distancing myself from people.

It’s Gemini season, baby and my full Gemini has been front and center. Sorry? Or you’re welcome. Whichever works for me. Just embrace the gem!

I’m going to write a book.

I’ve been tasked with keeping quite a few plants alive and to say my stress level is high over it might be an understatement?

I downloaded a dating app last week and promptly deleted it in the same day – oh the woes of life.


Chat soon,


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just a girl inspired by traveling, dogs, and the people who surround her.

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