New Mexico: the can’t misses & skip it’s!

The land of enchantment, filled with Pueblo culture, beautiful mountain views, and miles of desert, better known as New Mexico was my most recent adventure. My sister was presenting at a conference for work and thought it would be fun if I met her out in New Mexico and we made a little sister trip of it. I agreed almost too quickly, since she lives in Washington D.C. and I’m in Minnesota, I wanted nothing more than a trip with my big sis.

The trip began on a rocky note for me, with Minnesota getting our final snow storm of the season (I say this with a lot of optimism), and my flight being cancelled. It didn’t stop me, though, I ended up on a 5:20am flight the next day and was in New Mexico by 10:30am.

While in New Mexico, we tried many popular restaurants, went to the most talked about spots (based on our research or what we asked of friends), and formed opinions on everything – that’s what you have to do when you blog. With this, I’ve determined the “can’t miss” and “I say skip” lists.


Sandia Peak Tramway

One of my favorite parts of the trip. For only $25, you get a nice ride up to the top of Sandia Peak and the views are incredible. If you’re a hiker, you can go beyond the tram area and explore more.

Green Jeans Farmery

A food place made completely of storage units. I was obsessed. We went on a Sunday, so we actually missed a few of the spots being open, but we ate at Rockin’ Taco and one of the best tacos I’ve ever had.

Taos Diner (#1)

This was one of my favorite breakfast spots. I got fruit and yogurt, Molly got a traditional breakfast. It was delicious and the servers were so friendly.


If you’re in Taos, you HAVE to go to Parcht! The owner is the nicest man, there’s delicious food, and a really nice atmosphere. I was raving about this spot the rest of the trip.


There are so many spots to hike. Go to the Petroglyph National Monument parks and hike around there. Find little trails while driving between Taos and Santa Fe. Just make sure to pack appropriately (aka tennis shoes).


Duran’s Central Pharmacy

This was one of the top rated spots for food in ABQ, but in my opinion, not worth it. The service was incredibly slow, we even got forgotten at one point. While we both enjoyed our food, it was weird to be next to an actual pharmacy while trying to eat. Maybe it’s for you, but it was not my cuppatea.

Meow Wolf

Before you come for me, hear me out. MeowWolf is dope and if you’re into art or being an instagram model, then this probably is for you. I, however, thought it was far too expensive for what it was and the lighting was terrible for photos, and they didn’t do anything to keep crowds down, so it became impossible to walk around. Go if you want, but I say this could be skipped.

Dog House

I’m not a Breaking Bad fan, I don’t love chili dogs, but I love my sister who loves chili dogs and we wanted to try the “best hotdog in New Mexico”. Listen, I liked this little spot, but overall, not worth going to.


Fancy salads, but boring. No need to go here unless you’re being weighed down by tortillas like us. Otherwise, skip.



Indian Pueblo Culture Center

Learn all about the New Mexico’s history and culture. This center is beautifully designed with and gives information that’s easy to digest. As someone who doesn’t go to museums often, I really enjoyed this spot.

Tia Betty Blues

Get a quick New Mexican breakfast here. It’s delicious and affordable!


Salt and Board

Get an amazing charcuterie board and delicious salads and sandwiches here. Highly recommend. This also bring you into the college part of town!

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in New Mexico. It’s a beautiful city with some amazing culture and I think if you ever get the chance, you should definitely visit. Where have you been in New Mexico and what would you recommend to people?

Thanks for reading,


P.S. You don’t have to listen to my recommendations, try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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