Ways to cure the travel bug without traveling

I feel like I haven’t been on an adventure in so long. I miss jumping on a plane in my home state of Minnesota and landing somewhere new and exciting. My most recent trip out of the state was to Texas, which was so incredible, but it wasn’t new to me. and the closest trip I have it New Mexico mid-April (I know, it’s not that far away, but still). So I’ve been trying to find ways to forget that I haven’t traveled in a while and just enjoy the place I’m at now.

Through this exploration of curing the travel bug without actually traveling, I’ve been finding some interesting tactics to cope.

Explore places in your city (or ones close) you’ve never been

This is probably the best way to cure your travel bug. I live in a city where I’m usually lost and have to refer back to my maps every time I go basically anywhere…directionally challenged in my middle name. This means there are always new places to explore, restaurants to try, and things to see. It’s amazing what you can find in the city you live. Recently, I was introduced to the cutest breakfast spot with my friend, Isaac. Your friends are some of the best people to explore with, as well. So if you’re balling on a budget this year and don’t have room to travel, or your best friends can’t travel with you, start exploring your city together. You’ll find some really fun spots.

Help plan a trip for a friend

Now you might be thinking I’m crazy for this, but sometimes all I need to do to cure my travel bug is look for flights. Looking at flights is a double edged sword for me. Sometimes, I see a great deal and get sad that the dates don’t work in my schedule, or I’ll see outrageous prices and thank the Lord above that I’m not currently trying to travel. Looking for flights for a friend not only helps them out, but also keeps you in the know of what trends are happening. I helped a friend look for flights recently to Los Angeles and that cured my travel bug right up (hello hundreds of dollars gone to the flight)…until she mentioned she and her friend are going to Warner Bro’s studio to see the amazing Harry Potter World (jealous forever).

Immerse yourself in activities

Find ways to get involved in your community, whether that be through a sport, a book club, or a simple get-together group. Meeting up with people in your community not only makes you feel more connected, but also makes you want to hang around to see what crazy shenanigans you’ll get up to next. Interested in learning piano? Sign up for lessons! Wanting to ski your heart out until winter ends? Grab some skis and hit up the local slopes (too Midwestern?)!

Ice Castles – Excelsior, MN (are you kidding me?)

Go to more events

Sometimes, I don’t buy the concert ticket I want because I want to save that money for travel. Or, I don’t commit to an event over a weekend because I want to see if I can get a weekend trip planned instead. Live in the moment and choose to go to the events happening near you. I went to a block party, Lucky Palooza, this past weekend and it was a blast! Tons of crazy Minnesotans, braving the snow storm, to enjoy some adult beverages, loud music, and the Irish heritage (okay, light on the Irish heritage, but so many people were wearing green). I had such a good time and couldn’t believe I hadn’t done more events like it.

I think we all know it’s next to impossible to fully cure your travel bug until you go somewhere (sorry for the clickbait), but I hope these tips helped. Sometimes, even after I travel, my bug gets significantly worse and I know for a fact I can’t travel again for a while, so I use these things to keep me occupied. Sometimes just getting immersed in your community, attending story-worthy events, and spending quality time with your local friends without breaking the bank, is all you need to keep you happy in the moment.

While I’m a huge supporter of traveling and seeing the world, don’t forget to see what’s close as well.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. What do others do to cure your travel bug? Stalk the internet for great deals, wistfully day dream about the vast possibilities, or simply wait it out? Let me know in the comments!

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