Love Languages + Galentine’s Day

I’m a firm believer in love languages. If you prefer to give love through giving a hug or writing a letter, I want to know. I want to know what to expect, so I don’t expect something that you don’t like to do. If you’re not into PDA, great, now that I know, I won’t expect that. If you’re my friend and you buy me a gift just because, thank you, that means a lot to me because this is how you show you care.

If you have no idea what your love languages are (or even what I’m talking about), here’s a free quiz you can take and you can learn how your five rank. Between physical touch, words of affirmation, gift giving, acts of service, and quality time, each individual person has their own set and ranking of these five languages.

One time, on Galentine’s Day, my roommates and I decided it would be fun to learn each of our love languages. We had just gotten home from our gal pal dinner at Olive Garden (what’s better than your girls and free bread sticks?) and we were talking about this quiz I had just taken to figure out my love language. To no surprise at all, my top language is words of affirmation (an English major/creative writer likes to write out her feelings? SHOCKER). So I wanted to know how my roommates showed love or how they preferred love shown to them.

Galentine’s Day 2015

This is what I’ve always found a little confusing about love languages. I feel like the way we typically show love is how we want to be loved in return. I save every letter and card I receive if there’s a sweet message in it. The words get to me. So, all in all, how you express your love to others, in my opinion, is how you would like love shown to you. But I also love to get hugs, receive thoughtful gifts, have something done for me, etc. So I’m not entirely sure how it works (if you know, please tell me in the comments below).

Once all of my roommates took the quiz, we realized two of us were words of affirmation and the other two were quality time. Each of us had different rankings for the other four languages, which we found so fascinating. From that day forward, notes would be left around the house, we would intentionally spend more time together (I mean, this was just normal for us anyways because we all wanted to be together all of the time), and life in our little house became filled with love. It was like we all understood one another on a new level.

So today, on my favorite holiday, reach out to your girlfriends and tell them you love them. Go out to a meal, buy each other candy, go out of your way to do something nice for them. Whatever you do, celebrate Galentine’s day the way Leslie Knope intended. Building your ladyfriends up to make them feel like the rainbow infused space unicorns they are.


Happy Galentine’s Day ❤


P.S. Can we all compliment people like Leslie Knope does from here on out? Can we make that a rule for the world?

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