My 2019 resolutions

This morning I didn’t go to the gym because it was really cold outside and thinking of driving to the gym in the cold made me sad, so I skipped. Then I checked my email and someone liked my “renewed commitment to the gym” post and I realized 2019 is savage and ready to shame me whenever necessary.

HAPPY 2019! I don’t know what it is about a new year, because seriously, it’s just another new day and nothing different has happened besides a full rotation around the sun again (thank God for that though, am I right?) but otherwise, we are told this is the time to start fresh, start new, and get moving with making your life better — no better time than the now! And honestly, I feed into it every year and decide January 1 is my time to shine…okay, let’s be real, January 2, we all get a pass to recover from ending the year on the first.

I had an amazing 2018, which you can read about on my post from last week. I was actually kind of sad to see the year go, but all in all, it was time for a new year. I rang in the new year with some amazing friends in a city I love. It was chilly outside and I didn’t wear my parka because the bars would be warm and I regretted it later when our Uber was going to be $77, so then we had to walk a ways down to get a cheaper ride (pro-tip if you didn’t know that was a thing). Then I got tired and a little cranky and decided it was time for bed. Classic NYE.

As of right now, I have five resolutions I’m excited to share with everyone. Last year I committed to eight resolutions and had two fall short…so this year I decided to cut back to take the time to focus on what I choose.

One: Give more

This one is simple. I finally have a job where I feel like I can set money aside each month or throughout the year and give to causes I’m passionate about. I want to do that more. However, I don’t only want to give financially, I want to give back through my time and energy as well. I thinks sometimes because I work for a non-profit and give a lot of time to the events we put on, I count that as my volunteer time. Yet, I love dogs and would much rather take time on the weekends or week nights to take a dog for a walk or give a big snuggle or something along those lines.

Two: Write with purpose

I’ve had a lot of writing projects up my sleeve for years, but I’ve never set aside time to do them. So this year I want to focus on writing more. Last year I wanted to focus on blogging, which went well, but it wasn’t always purposeful. This year I’m going to start some of the projects I’ve been thinking of and I haven’t felt this excited in a while.

Three: Find a new hobby

I could use help with this one, folks. I want to find a hobby that can connect me with other people. Being in a bigger city and being gone a lot of weekends, it’s become hard to meet people and make friendships in a real way (or even find a date with a similar interest). So I want to find a hobby. Whether it be joining a young professional group or joining a sports league, I want to figure out how I can get outside of my comfort zone and meet new people.

Four: Positive talk

Last year I found myself talking negatively…a lot. If something good happened in my life, I would tell someone, but then follow it up with “but…” and say something negative. Or if something bad happened in my life, I did a really bad job of finding the good in the situation. So this year, that’s going to change!

Five: Try new foods

I’m picky. I’ve been told this a lot lately and it’s driving me nuts. First, people who call other people picky, that’s really rude and I ask you to stop. Second, I already know I’m picky and it’s more annoying to me than to you. So I’m going to TRY to eat new foods. Listen, it’s going to be baby steps for me, but we’ll get there.

Aaaaaand that’s it. All five of my resolutions. I also have a bucket list for 2019 (19 things to do in 2019), but I haven’t finished figuring out what needs to be on there yet. I’m excited for 2019 because multiple friends are getting married (seriously, I have seven weddings to go to this year — woooo love!), I think this will be one of the best years for work, and I see myself growing independently throughout the year. While my travel opportunities are slim, I get to start the year by taking a trip down to Texas to celebrate one of my best friends having a little boy soon and then taking a sister trip to New Mexico in April.

What are some of your resolutions for 2019? Do you believe in that hubbub?

Thanks for reading and here’s to another year of randomness that you’re somewhat interested in!


P.S. Look, here’s me with my friends cats because I love them and miss them already…

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