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This post is not going to do well. I know for a fact it won’t, simply because it’ll have no direction in any way, shape, or form. Or maybe it will and it’ll surprise us all. Who knows? Just keep your expectations low for this one, folks, because today, we’re just having a little get together of whatever random thought pops into my head while I’m writing.

I didn’t plan my post for this week (obviously), I don’t know why. I planned every other post for the rest of the year…yet here I am, totally unprepared. We can’t all be perfect. 


Have you ever thought about how Charlie in The Santa Clause says in the future, he wants to go into the family business (because his dad became Santa), but in order to become Santa, his dad has to virtually fall off of a roof and disappear…I mean, Charlie…that’s rather morbid.

I have to admit, I wasn’t the original person to think of this…I have to give credit to my sister. So, good work, Molly…you totally ruined a pure moment in my favorite Christmas movie and now I’ve done it for whoever chooses to read this…sorry.

I was going to write about my creative outlets today, but realized I didn’t have adequate photos of really anything I do creatively, so I nixed that idea. Would you want to see a post like that in the future? Even if you don’t, I’ll probably still write one up at some point. It’s okay, you can skip that one if you want.

Anyone else craving that holiday PTO that’s coming your way? I know I am. I’m definitely in a head space where I wish I would have saved more PTO for the holidays so I could take a few days off next week. A lot of other people in my office are taking extra time off and I’m just jealous, so that’s probably why these days are feeling really slow.

I’ve been in a mood to read or watch all things cheesy Christmas. I’ve been reading Let It Snow by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle and let me tell you, I am loving it. I’m a big YA fan anyways, so this is right in my wheel house, but for some reason my brain didn’t think each story would connect in the same town and share characters. If you’re looking for a quick, cute, winter-y read, with a little excitement and cliff hangers, I say read this one.

I think a guy chatted me up at the gym today. I’m no expert in the world of flirting, but I’m about 62% sure he did. Honestly, I felt pretty good about it. Did I handle the situation well? Probably not, it’s me. But hey, I’ll keep you updated.

Anyone have suggestions on handling road rage? I’ve tried distracting myself through podcasts or chatting with people on speaker phone and it’s not working. I literally feel my blood pressure rise and am starting to realize my life span is probably no more than like 50 at this point… Which means I’m 50% done with life…which is scary and I want more time. Help a girl out.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with life right now. Which is crazy because everything is starting to slow down. So many plans have already been set for 2019 (which is amazing), but I’m also really bad at looking to the future at times, so it’s been a little hard to adjust. Mainly, I have 6 weddings to go to next year and I’m excited for each one, it’s just weird to be thinking so far in advance (but that’s probably why it’s a good thing I just get to attend the weddings and not be the one getting married).

Ha, I sometimes do a really bad job at explaining why I would be a great partner in life…but I mean, I’m fun and cool and sometimes funny — I’M A CATCH.

Know what I’ve been really grateful for lately? No, of course you don’t. That’s why you’re reading my every thought. Well, I’ve been really, really grateful for my coworkers/friends. When I started my job, every day I would go home and wonder if these people liked me, if I was going to fit in, and if I was going to have friends outside of normal work hours…and guess what? Almost a year later and here we are going to happy hours together, spending time at each others homes watching movies, doing crafts, or stuffing our faces with food, dog sitting for one another, and just genuinely enjoying time together. I feel really lucky to have this group of people supporting me in my job and life in general. But if they’re not reading this post and don’t come up to me at work or text me saying “the fountain ran out of water yesterday“, then they’re no longer my friends.

Alright, I have no more thoughts to share right now. What a post, right? Do you feel like you gained something in the last 4 minutes? I sure do. 

If you never want a post like this again, make sure to give it a like. Tell me in the comments that I should try harder to come up with more creative ideas. I love constructive feedback, my friends.

Or maybe you loved this post, which is cool, too. So if you did, be sure to give it a like. Tell me in the comments that I’m amazing and I can do no wrong. No, actually, don’t feed my ego.

Thanks for reading this smorgasbord of thoughts!


P.S. What random thoughts come to your brain on the daily? This is just a sampling for me.

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just a girl inspired by traveling, dogs, and the people who surround her.

5 thoughts on “Random ramblings

  1. I have a very active inner life and internal monologue going on in my head all the time that pings all over the effing place, so I appreciate reading about your random “tids and bits”, to coin a B95 radio deejay phrase.

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