My Bullet Journal: An Update

Holy moly, this weekend is December, which is the final month of 2018 and is anyone else wondering where this year has gone? I feel like the last few months have flown by and I’m not sure what I did or where I was for most of them.

I started this year off blogging about my resolutions, goals, and new things I was going to try for 2018 and the one I was most excited for was my bullet journal (I know, travel was my second thing…I’m nuts, I get it). I decided to start a bullet journal to track when I was anxious and really pin down what my triggers are. What I didn’t know was how much I was going to enjoy making the monthly spreads, jotting down memories, and having a creative outlet each month.

I’ve just designed my final spread and wanted to share it with you all and updates to some of the pages I’ve been using daily since the new year.

December spread


I’m creative, but I’m not creative enough to design my own spreads. I grab inspiration from various bullet journal-er’s and Pinterest and always put my own twist to it. This month I wanted to stick to a festive, colorful theme — which obviously means lights.


All of my spreads are similar. I usually do my cover page, then a page for a quote, then my page where I write something down each day that I’m grateful for. Things like “time with mom and dad”, “Mungo snuggles”, “a relaxing night in”, etc.


Then I go into my weekly spreads, which all look the same but with variations of the colors. My favorite for this month was obviously the week for Christmas. When I’m tracking things weekly, I’m tracking:

  • Making my bed
  • Listening to a Podcast
  • Working Out
  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Blogging


Then, I had so many pages left, I decided to amp it up for Christmas, adding a page for gifts I’m buying people and an Advent-ture calendar (shout out to Amanda Rach Lee for the inspo for this months favorite page) for different winter/Christmas activities I can do (let me know what else I should add, I have 8 squares to fill).



Look at that colored in mood tracker! I’ve had so many average days throughout the year, it’s made me realize next year I want to switch up some of the moods to hopefully be more fitting instead of so broad. However, I’ve never had trouble figuring out where my day landed and how I was feeling. If I ever started a day off great but then ended poorly, I would just add two (sometimes three) colors to my small little box.


I’m hoping to get two more books colored in by the end of the year and obviously, I’ll be going to see Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald as SOON as possible (can you believe that was one of the first movies I added to this list?)


And finally, my favorite page of my entire journal. I take so much pride in the time and energy I put into this page and to see so many states colored in. I had such an amazing year of travel and I’ll be coloring one more state in next week for a work trip I’ll be going on. What do you think I should do for next year? Color in the states with gray lines if I’ve been? I’m not sure what I want to do…

For the end of the year

I’ll be adding 2018 in review pages to my journal as well. I’ll post them when I write that post, but I’ve started some and I’m really loving how they’re turning out.

If you’ve been bullet journaling for a while, it’s probably obvious I’m new to this game. It’s my first journal and while it gets sloppy or there’s mistakes throughout, that’s okay. I’m not the best at taking a lot of time on my journal and investing in the products that would make it prettier and easier. But I love this little hobby I have and I bought my journal for next year and am loving every second.

I think why I love bullet journaling so much is because it’s an accountability partner and it brought me closer to a friend at work. My coworker, now friend, Emily came up to my desk one day because she saw my bullet journal and asked if she should start one. Now, fast forward a year and she’s one of my closest friends at work. While I’m sure we would have become friends at some point, having this unique hobby in common brought us that much closer and I’m so thankful.


P.S. Any other hobbies I should try in 2019?

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