Ways to feel accomplished first thing in the morning

Mornings are hard. Really hard. Waking up, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating food, and getting ready…the struggle is real. Unlike most people, I’m a morning person (pause for gasps & scoffs). I’d prefer starting my day earlier than staying up late. I work better in the mornings and get sleepy in the afternoons. I don’t drink coffee because I have so much energy, I honestly don’t need the caffeine (and I hate the taste of coffee, because I’m a child).

With all of that said, I have a lot of lazy mornings feeling like I accomplished absolutely nothing. So, throughout the last few months, I’ve been trying to change my morning routine. I wanted to find ways to make myself feel accomplished before I even got to work in the mornings, so I could start my day on a good note.

Don’t snooze the alarm — wake up right away

I’m not always good at this, but when I get up right when my alarm goes off I feel this weird sense of pride. It’s like “yeah body, we did it! We slept enough to get up right away. So proud of you.” However, I will say majority of my mornings I’m depending on my snooze or second alarm. Honestly, just getting out of bed sometimes makes me feel accomplished…who’s with me?

Make your bed

I do this every. single. morning. I’m not kidding. If I get into an unmade bed at night, I can’t get comfortable. I find this to be the easiest thing to check off my list during the day. Even if it’s my lazy bed making of just pulling the cover up and quickly organizing the pillows, I feel significantly better and more accomplished (do I already need a synonym for accomplished?)


Go to the gym

Or do an at home workout, or stretch…just get moving right away in the morning. Then, when you’re done with work or school or whatever your day may consist of, you’ve already done something good for your body…(and then you can treat yourself to a happy hour with friends later…double win).


Eat a filling breakfast

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I used to eat my breakfast when I got to work and I found myself not enjoying it and eating it as quickly as possible. Now I build in extra time in the mornings for my zucchini muffins and banana (or apple, usually apple, I don’t know why I put banana…). For some this may look like eggs and bacon and a fruit. You do you and enjoy that yummy breakfast.


Give yourself time to actually get ready

Nothing is worse than feeling rushed. It stresses me out and makes me forget important things for the day (I don’t even want to talk about the time I forgot my lunch and realized it when I was already half way to work). So making sure I have the time to get ready, feel good about how I look (and smell), makes me feel accomplished. I give myself enough time every morning to shower, style my hair, and pick out my clothes for the day.

Smile in the mirror

This may seem silly…but every morning I always make sure I smile at myself in the mirror. Maybe this is more reassuring than helping me feel accomplished, but it’s something that makes me see the day with more positivity (and let’s be honest, I just love practicing my smile just in case I run into anyone important for the day right off the bat). No, seriously, giving yourself that ounce of positive energy can do wonders for your day.

Read a chapter or watch an episode

I need me-time. This usually looks like reading a book or watching mindless TV. For others this may be watching 30 minutes of the news, reading the newspaper, meditating, praying, etc. Whatever you need to do to give yourself even 10 minutes of peace in the morning — do it. If that means sleeping an extra 10 minutes, do it. I’ve been reading “The Last Black Unicorn” by Tiffany Haddish, or watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Again, you do what you need to do.

Listen to a podcast during your commute

This sets your day off with a little conversation. It can be an educational podcast, a funny podcast, or a true-crime podcast. I’ve been listening to “Stuff You Should Know” and I feel like I learn something new every morning. And you guessed it, it makes me feel like I accomplished something in the morning.

No matter what your morning routine looks like, I’ve found mine to be significantly more successful when I do these things. Some morning I only make my bed, go to the gym, and shower. Other mornings I sleep in, take my time eating breakfast, and jam to music in the car.

I’m no expert. I’m imperfect. I have no qualifications to tell you what to do. I’ve done these things and they work. I feel better in the mornings, I feel more accomplished, and my life has been positively impacted by it all.


P.S. Is there anything you do in the mornings to feel more accomplished? Tell me what else I should be doing!

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2 thoughts on “Ways to feel accomplished first thing in the morning

  1. I do many of these things. I also take a hot bath every night before bed. It helps me wash away the problems of the day so to speak.

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