My renewed commitment to the gym

Everyday I wake up at five a.m. I grumble my way out of bed, brush my teeth, blink into the mirror questioning my sanity, put on my workout clothes, and then head to the gym.

This hasn’t always been my routine. I’m lazy. I like to just relax, bum around, and watch tv (“oh my gosh, I can’t believe she admitted that…she should at least act like she’s active…” yeah I know that’s what you’re all saying or thinking). Growing up as an athlete, my workout happened during my school day. I really didn’t have to do anything to get myself to workout. I just had to show up and someone told me what to do. Once I graduated high school, I obviously lost my built in routine.

Fast forward however many years since I graduated (yeah, I could do the math but I don’t want to…okay, 7 years, you happy now?) and I looked in the mirror and wasn’t happy with what I was seeing. Everything else in my life is good. I’m happy with the person I am, the job I’m in, and the people I’ve surrounded myself with (seriously, shout out to my people, y’all are the real MVP’s). So, this is the step I need to take to feel fully happy with the person I’ve become.

So I went to Anytime Fitness and am now paying for an 18-month plan. It’s seriously the longest commitment I’ve ever made (well, besides a lot of other things). It hasn’t been long since I’ve been committed to going to the gym, but I’m already noticing a lot of differences in my life and here they are.

I’m happier

If I miss a morning at the gym and have to do my normal routine, I get so grumpy. Traffic gives me more road rage and I have a shorter fuse with people around me. When I get a good workout in in the morning, I laugh more (ask Abby) and I find myself more pleasant to be around. Just like Elle Woods says, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t!”

I sleep better

I didn’t realize how much pent up energy I had during the day. Once you have a desk job you don’t realize how little energy you use in the day. Before my current job I would walk to work, go to the gym, etc. Then I quit my job, now have to commute everywhere, and until now, wasn’t committed to the gym. Now I sleep like a baby instead of rolling around all night.

I’m less anxious

I haven’t felt anxious since I’ve started working out. Seriously, check my bullet journal (which by the way, do you want an update on my bullet journal? Okay, okay, I’ll write about it in the coming weeks, promise). I have a clear head. My brain isn’t creating these weird scenario’s or replaying moments in my life that make me cringe, which is keeping my anxiety at an all time low. I was anxious the other night because I had friends in town and I hadn’t worked out in four days. So, if anything, I need to keep working out to keep my anxiety under control.

I see small differences in my body

This is one of the biggest for me. I started working out to try to get myself into better shape so I feel good looking in the mirror. My body hasn’t changed a lot yet (I haven’t fully changed my diet yet, baby steps people). But I have noticed my face thinning out, my pants fitting more comfortably, and my leg muscles becoming a bit more defined. I’m not doing anything extreme in my workouts, but I think just the amount of activity has made an impact on my unhealthy body.

I’m leaning toward healthier options

I crave fruit and vegetables. I can feel when the pizza I eat is just tiring me out and wearing me down. I’m eating the portion sizes I should be eating. I’m eating more fulfilling breakfasts. I feel guilty buying myself unhealthy groceries (and I get mad at myself when I want something sweet or some type of chip). Again, baby steps towards better nutrition, but I know it’s going to happen and I’m excited for it.

I have to say, I go in phases like this all of the time. I usually fall off the wagon around the holidays or if I become too busy in my personal life. When I first signed up for the gym, I would only go after work, which didn’t work out (haha, work out). Once I was getting invited to happy hours or had plans I didn’t want to get sweaty for, I realized the time for the gym would have to change. I’m too social to give up my social life for the gym (we’re not that committed).

This time it feels different. I feel like this time I’m going to make a habit I want to keep, because I’ve been paying attention to how it makes me feel. I wake up at five am every day and I’ve never felt better.


P.S. I know for so many people, this blog probably isn’t that interesting for you. Or you’re reading it going “well, duh, Casie this is what people have been saying all along…” and you’re right, but I’m finally listening and feeling it myself. And that’s something to celebrate.

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