Blogging: why I do it

To blog, or not to blog, that is the question

When you ask a blogger why they blog, there could be various reasons. They may need the outlet, they use it as a source of income, they want to keep their skills in tact, or maybe it’s just a fun hobby for them. For me, I can’t come up with one solid answer as to why I blog. My blog has evolved alongside me for years, so there couldn’t be one reason as to why I’m still going with it, even after years of no growth with only my parents reading my thoughts, to now, where I have 100+ people interested in what I have to say.

Where it began

I started blogging back in 2013, where I was going on a study abroad trip to England and wanted to share my crazy experiences with friends and family. I didn’t do a good job. I wrote the first two weeks in England, then as soon as things got busy, I stopped. When I returned to the states, I ended up doing a recap of each place I visited (honestly, it worked out, but it wasn’t as fresh as I was hoping.)

Where it went

When I returned from my study abroad, I tried to hold onto that theme for as long as I could…but then you realize you’re a college student and travel posts aren’t plausible anymore. So I started lifestyle blogging, as a hobby. I was a creative writing and public relations double major in college, so it made sense for me to practice my writing skills on a regular basis. I tried to be my own Buzzfeed at this point. I wrote listicles, posts college kids could relate with, and various other posts. This was also a time when I was trying to be more vulnerable with my readers, which inspired to-date one of my most popular posts – dealing with anxiety in college.

Once I graduated college, I continued the lifestyle blogging. I wanted to write about how my world was shaking and moving as a young professional. It was my first experience with living alone and fully “adulting”. I wasn’t consistent in my blogging at this time, however. I always started the new year off strong, but would eventually see myself going months without writing a post.

When it stopped

2017. The blackout year on my blog. I was in a dark place, so I feel like calling this the blackout year makes the most sense. I was a year into my first full-time job and completely miserable. I woke up with anxiety attacks every morning and dreaded walking to my office. I had nothing positive to say at this time for my blog. I was so focused on trying to find little moments of happiness after an all consuming day of work, I couldn’t give any energy to my blog — and I didn’t want to. When I write, I like there to be an undertone of hope or happiness or something that allows my readers to know things are okay and they’re going to continue being okay. During this time in my life, I wasn’t sure if I was going to find a way out of that job and find something good for me. I was certain I was stuck and this was going to be my working experience no matter where I went.

With all of those negative thoughts, I still ended up quitting my job, taking six months off, and going back to work.

When it began (again)

December 2017 – the end of the blackout. I had renewed energy to dust my blog off and start writing again. I was feeling more creative than ever and wanted to share my thoughts, my stories, and everything in between. I was in a good place. I wanted my blog to become a series type of blog. I had a prompted series prepared to move forward (spoiler alert: it didn’t last long) and I had a few others ideas ready to go.

That’s not exactly how it went.

I set up a designated schedule – posts on Wednesdays – and got moving. Throughout the year, I’ve gone from creative writing to lifestyle to travel to guest posts. And while I haven’t fully stuck to my plan of blogging every week on Wednesday, I’ve stayed pretty darn close and I consider that a win. I also decided to buy my domain this year, which was quite the leap. I wanted to see how I could best grow my blog and possibly make some fun money off of it (spoiler alert: I haven’t earned anything off this blog and probably won’t for a very long time). There have been a lot of changes to this blog over this year, but I can already tell the place I’m going with it excites me and ignites a little fire in my stomach.

Why I blog

To share my life. To keep my writing in tact. To remember special moments down the road. To connect with others. To have a creative outlet. To keep a consistent schedule. To force myself to get vulnerable. To travel. To experience life. To grow. To mess up. To remember I’m only human.

I could keep the list going forever. I love blogging, even when I don’t. I see it as a privilege to be able to write.

So, why do you blog? I’m challenging three of my blogging friends to write a post about why they blog. So, Rachel (NoCoast Weekend), Ellie (Roadtripable), and Erin (Written with Flair), you up for the challenge?

Thanks for reading,


P.S. It’s cool if y’all don’t want to write about why you blog, but also, anyone reading, go check those three out. They’re amazing.

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just a girl inspired by traveling, dogs, and the people who surround her.

2 thoughts on “Blogging: why I do it

    1. Couldn’t agree more! I think it’s really easy to tell when someone is blogging because they want to and when someone is blogging just to meet a deadline or get a post up. I’ve definitely done that before.

      It creates your own little world while you make sense of the one around you 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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