I think my friends are human?

I spent ten days with my friends in a different country and I saw them for more than I ever have.

First off, I would like to note that the owner of this blog, Casie Kamph, could not make it on this particular group trip. Although I am deeply disappointed she couldn’t join in our adventures, I know I would not of had the same experience with her along.

Our group of four has been friends for about a year and a half. We became close friends fast mostly because of circumstance, but eventually because we all understood and enjoyed one another.

When one friend presented us with a trip to New Zealand none of us could think of an excuse not to go (except obviously Casie, eye roll).

And now I write to you from a star filled Kiwi evening. As I reflect on the days’ events I realize how my viewpoint of my friends has drastically evolved from seeing them as characters in my life to seeing them as three-dimensional human beings. Yes, I understand how completely narcissistic that sounds. Like my friend Taylor says to me, “If you weren’t so self aware, you would be annoying.”

But take a minute; think about your close group of friends. They all have characteristics that give them a place in the group. You can be the rebel, the organized, the well traveled, the social butterfly, or whatever label you identify with. We fall into these roles to balance the group. To contribute to the community we take on these qualities and accentuate our current characteristics to seal our spot. Before this trip I understood my group, what their roles were, and what my role was. Turns out they are a little more than just a fixture of responsibility, pillar of wisdom, or proper planners.

The laughter was my first surprise from the Virgo who doesn’t put up with any BS and usually likes to have things squared away just right. Her attention to detail is an asset to her start-up and clients; however, watching her completely relax was unexpected and honestly brought me joy to witness. I had seen weekend getaway Virgo and night out Virgo, but I had never seen completely unencumbered Virgo. No plans, no expectations Virgo. She embraced every situation and rolled through every situation with grace and ease…surprise.

Scorpio came to me as even bigger surprise. She goes into everything determined and assured. However, this is one of the few times that she seemed slightly more cautious and did not enter situation at full throttle. Disclaimer: This is not a bad quality these are simply differences in their normal qualities. Scorpio all of sudden took more of a backseat to adventure and showed some uncertainty. She made sure not to barrel into situations where she normally would, instead she really made sure we were all taken care of and had a smooth trip.

Bottom line is that my eyes were opened to seeing a deeper level to the people I consider closest to me. I often see myself as the erratic, spontaneous, free spirit soul of the group and often wonder why this group of relatively normal, stable, and high functioning members of society choose to spend their free time with me. It is easy even in a group you belong in to feel oddly out. Too be honest I was nervous about this trip. I am a lot to handle and rarely feel bad about my behavior, but to experience these people on a more instinctual level was telling and honestly made me feel like I belonged to this group more than ever.

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