A weekend unplugged

I’m addicted to my phone. I wouldn’t say I’m unlike the majority in this case either. The world is at my finger tips and I can do anything and everything through one small, pocket-sized device. And the thing is, I’m usually doing absolutely nothing while on my phone. I’m refreshing the same feed over and over, looking at the same posts for the fifth time. It’s bad. It’s unnecessary. And there’s absolutely no valid reason for it. Not one. So what do I do?

July 6, 2018

Three of my best friends and I decided it was time for a little reunion weekend a reunion for me because I’m the only one who doesn’t live in the same city), so we took ourselves to Taylor’s cabin in the Upper Peninsula (more lovingly, the UP) of Michigan. It was my first time visiting this area and I couldn’t be more excited to be doing it with three of my favorite people.


Taylor, Michelle, and McKenzy are what I call my “first adulthood friends“, meaning, I knew all of them in college and considered all of them friends, but adulthood is what really brought us together. We were tackling the world of young professionalism together and I felt lucky to have them by my side to keep me “young” but also remind me to be a professional. Thank goodness.

Our weekend in the UP was spent meeting Taylor’s family, hiking around to find waterfalls, cooking food together, and hanging out by the lake. It was a recipe for the perfect weekend. However, what made it truly special for me was the fact each of us seemingly had this unspoken agreement that we wouldn’t be checking our phones regularly and we would be focusing on one another.

I can easily count the amount of times I looked at my phone that weekend. I would check it right before bed and then to see the time in the morning, which FUN FACT, where Taylor’s cabin is, we were on EASTERN time the entire weekend instead of the CENTRAL timezone we were all used to. If we had been staying 20 minutes to the west, we would have stayed in the best timezone. It was equally confusing and hilarious.

Some of my favorite moments from the weekend were:

  • the mornings when I would wake up before everyone else, take my book outside, and sit by the quiet lake to read.
  • the sound of water crashing onto the shore to help put me to sleep each night.
  • the cassette tapes Taylor’s family made back in the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s playing throughout the cabin.
  • the sunrises each morning and sunsets each night.
  • the giggle fits McKenzy and I had while trying to be good at floating on our dual tube on the lake.
  • the heart to heart question game Michelle, McKenzy, and I played while out on the water.
  • the quiet mornings sitting watching the sunrise with Taylor because we’re early risers.
  • the game of cribbage Taylor and I played, or better, the game she used to teach me to play.

And so, so many more moments. While I think we would have had a wonderful time at any cabin, there was something special being in a place that means so much to one of your closest friends. To be welcomed into a space filled with love and so many memories, there’s just something that feels completely nostalgic, even though I had never been before.

Now, our friends have a small weekend of memories, uninterrupted by social media and people who weren’t there, to hold on to for years to come. And coming from someone who is always on her phone, looking to it for the interactions and connections it regularly gives, I can obviously say, nothing beats a weekend like this. If I could do that every weekend I would and I think I’ll challenge myself to do it more often than not.

I hope if you’ve had an issue with being on your phone and social media, something like this can inspire you to unplug for a weekend. While I love that you’re reading my post (most likely on your phone), take a break. I’ll be here whenever you decide to come back.


P.S. I’m so close to 100 followers on this blog and I am SO grateful. It’s you who inspires me to be vulnerable, to travel, to explore, and to write. Thank you.

P.P.S. These friends are currently living it up in New Zealand (I know, I’m so jealous), but luckily, Michelle and Taylor want to write about it on here! I’m hoping we’ll see a post from them next week, keep an eye out!

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