Taking a SHORT break

I didn’t post last week. It was the Fourth of July and everything just felt crazy. I didn’t want to take time to write on my blog. And after weeks on end posting regularly, I found it weird that after taking a week off I still didn’t feel like posting and I didn’t miss it.

So now, I sit here on my phone typing this out, in an incredibly sad and down mood, hoping this brings me a little peace. I’m tired. I’m lonely. And I’m having trouble keeping up with my regular positive attitude. However, I know this will pass and I’ll feel good again.

I’m not sure what to do that’ll bring me the joy I usually feel from writing a well received post or spending quality time with a good friend. But, I think I need to write it out, set it down, and take a minute away for some self care.

Here are a few stressors in my life:

  • Almost all of my good friends don’t live near me.
  • I started a new job & feel anxious to impress
  • I have strained relationships in my life
  • I’m constantly trying to please everyone around me, even if it hurts me
  • I’ve been treating my reading challenge as a chore instead of something to enjoy
  • My creative outlets are almost nonexistent
  • It feels like very few people actually want to give me the time of day
  • I’m addicted to my phone & social media
  • I’m not as joyful as I once was
  • Trying to find time for journaling, reading my Bible, or going to a church I have yet to find feels daunting
  • Keeping this all inside

While I’m nervous to publish such a down-in-the-dumps post, I’m hopeful if others feel this way or are also stuck in their head lately, they feel comfortable in reaching out to me. I’d love to be your friend & lend a listening ear. I don’t know why I even had the urge to write this out.

I have some posts planned about my recent trip to Michigan and my upcoming trip to Birmingham, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee. However, I think for now I’m going to settle into a few things and give myself some time and those posts will come.

As always, thanks for reading.

– Cas

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just a girl inspired by traveling, dogs, and the people who surround her.

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