24 things I learned while 24

Holy moly, today I turn 25…I’m a QUARTER CENTURY OLD (Thanks Amy for that lil reminder). Every year I like to reflect on what I’ve learned since my last birthday and each year it brings me a lot of joy seeing how much I’ve grown, how weird I’ve stayed, and how deeply in love with my life I am. While sometimes the lessons are hard and not always positive, I’ve so enjoyed every minute of this last year (okay, that was a lie, there were a lot of tough moments this year).

Here’s what I learned in my 24th trip around the sun:

  1. Taxes are hard
  2. Making friends as an adult isn’t easy
  3. Taking leaps of faith is important
  4. Meeting people with similar passions is inspiring
  5. Trying to find a decent apartment in a major metropolitan area for a reasonable price is a daunting task
  6. Parents are the real MVPs
  7. Tattoos don’t hurt like you think they would
  8. Good communication is key
  9. Some things aren’t as important as they used to be
  10. Only you have to spend every second of every day with yourself, so be proud of who you are and let what others think of you slide off your back
  11. Double pink eye stinks
  12. Having married friends is a weird, but kind of cool reality
  13. The struggle is an important part of your story
  14. Creative outlets keep you sane
  15. Taking a deep breath can fix a world of problems
  16. Good friends are always there when you need them
  17. “Anxiety is misplaced excitement” …sometimes
  18. The Greatest Showman rocks
  19. Golf is actually kind of fun (well the driving range is)
  20. Going stir crazy from not traveling is a real thing
  21. Thinking about the future is scary, but setting goals makes it more exciting
  22. Sometimes logic loses
  23. Long distance friendships take a lot of work and patience
  24. Being outside of your comfort zone is scary, but incredibly rewarding

I already feel so loved today. I know that 25 is going to bring a lot of rewards and challenges and I’m so excited to take it on. Thank you for being a part of my story.


P.S. People keep posting pics of their dogs today in honor of my birthday and it’s the greatest gift of all time. Happy birthday to me! (also Harry Styles if you’re reading this, i love you.)

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just a girl inspired by traveling, dogs, and the people who surround her.

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