Wicked smaht in Boston!

I went to Boston! A few months ago tickets were (and still are) incredibly inexpensive to go to Boston on JetBlue, *spoiler alert* my new favorite airline. So I booked flights for my friend Allie and I. Throughout my entire trip I kept tedious notes about what we did and what was happening so I could tell you all about it. So low and behold, here’s all about my trip to Boston.

Day 1:

My first ever JetBlue experience was one met with high expectations and a lot of disappointment. If you’ve never flown JetBlue, what you need to know is:

  1. They have a ton of leg room
  2. They offer free snacks and beverages
  3. They offer free wifi (or as they so endearingly call it wi-fly)
  4. They offer free movies and direct tv

Now, I planned my entire trip around the free movies and tv. I didn’t download any podcasts, music, or shows on Netflix. I didn’t bring a book or anything. I was ready to get the full JetBlue experience. However, once I was on the plane, I knew something was going to go wrong. We were on a really old plane model and the tvs didn’t quite work and the sound was horrible. Not kidding it sounded like screeching in my ears the entire time. I know, first world problems, but I was disappointed. The leg room was amazing though. And let’s quick talk about the snacks and drinks. They gave me an entire can of ginger ale! Wuuuuuuuut? Sign me up that was amazing. I also got cheez-it’s and I was forever sold on the JetBlue experience.

Once we arrived in Boston we got going right away. We bought out 7-day transit passes, trust it was worth the cost and we totally got our money’s worth. And I’m proud to say we didn’t get lost once the first day on the transit (and I’m directionally challenged and was the one guiding us around, so it’s a personal victory). We then decided to find Quincy Market to walk around and see what kind of shops they offered. So many fun great options and amazing food areas as well. Then it was time for a Freedom Trail Tour. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip because we got to walk a lot of the city and learn a little bit of the history (by a little bit I mean a lot). Our tour guides name was Michael and he was actually hilarious. While we were looking at the grave of Samual Adams, he pointed at the pub across the street, Beantown Pub, and stated “that’s the only place in town you can drink a cold Sam Adam’s while looking at a cold Sam Adam’s!” morbid much? Don’t worry, apparently it’s not too soon.

After our tour we made our way down to the Harbor where we enjoyed dinner at Joe’s American restaurant. It was amazing. I had chicken piccata with ceasar salad while Allie enjoyed a classic of fish and chips. Once we finished up dinner we booked a whale watching tour for the next day and made our way down to Lawn on D, an adult “playground” in South Boston. Truly my favorite place in the world and I believe every major metro area should have one. I’m going to build one in the Twin Cities.

After a minor struggle, we found our way back to our airbnb for the night. Day one was officially over.

Day 2:

Day two started off in Quincy Market again chowing down on some breakfast burritos and french toast from the Philadelphia Hoagie spot. Once we finished up breakfast we made our way over to the Whale Watching tour we had booked the day before. We were expecting to be on the tour for about 90 minutes and were really looking forward to seeing our first wild whale’s. However, once we were on the boat we realized we would be out close to four hours and weren’t promised to see whales, but we were still excited and decided to go anyways, since it did cost a good chunk of change.

This is where my day turned a little south. I ended up getting pretty seasick. Once the boat stopped going fast and we started watching for whales, my stomach wasn’t having it and I ended up in the part of the boat where all the sea sick folks end up. I found my people! I guess this solidifies my fear of the ocean in the long run.

Once we were finished whale watching, we decided it was time to visit the Boston Bruins Pro Shop at TD Gardens. Allie is a huge fan of the Bruins and wanted to grab her dad a few souvenirs. I was just happy to be off the boat.

We then met up with my forever friend, Tori, who lives in Boston and showed us around, ate oysters in front of us with our looks of disgust, and made me feel right at home. I missed my good friend and I was so happy it worked in her schedule to hang with us for a few hours! She showed us the perfect quiet spot on the Harbor (battery wharf), where we all sat, chatted for a little while, and I ate my cookie monstah cookies. It was a perfect night.

Day 3:

The last day in Boston was basically us hitting all of the spots we hadn’t yet (shocking tactic, I know). All I wanted to do in Boston was see Harvard and get a tour of the university, so that was on our list, as well as checking out Bunker Hill and the USS Constitution.

Our first stop was Bunker Hill. It was a good walk from the transit, but such a beautiful park where we met the nicest woman who lives in the perfect lil town of Charlestown. Can I live there please? Once we finished walking through the museum, we decided to make our way over to the USS Constitution Ship. I wasn’t too sure about this stop, but it ended up being one of my absolute favorites. The museum was designed for kids to be interactive and it was perfect for my short, child like attention span. I was sold. And I got to play captain for a while after my seasick adventure the day before.

Then it was finally time for Havahd, to get smatah. I was so excited to see a college campus I could never attend and see what all the type was about. I continued to praise the spirit of Elle Woods while walking through the Harvard Law building. It was truly exciting. We ended up not getting a tour of the campus because each tour cost $12 and as a college tour guide, I couldn’t bring myself to pay when I gave tours for free to the people for all of those years.

Before really walking around campus, Allie and I were both starving so we went to a place Tori recommended to us, Mr. Bartley’s. It was AMAZING. Super crowded, cash only, the perfect college dive. Voted best burger and onion rings, so of course I tried both. While it wasn’t the BEST burger I ever had (Court ‘N House still takes the cake from Eau Claire), it was a strong contender.

Later that evening we caught a glimpse of Boston Pride in downtown and grabbed a Cannoli from Mike’s Pastry and a salad from Sweet Green. It was a jammed packed weekend with an early night to wrap it up since our flight was incredibly early the next day.

My JetBlue experience home was absolutely amazing. We were on a newer plane and I was able to watch Molly’s Game (which is so good if you haven’t seen it) and it was such an easy flight. I love that airline so much.


Boston was great. Filled with so much American History, weird drinking laws, and amazing accents, I was so happy to go. I cannot wait for the next adventure!


P.S. Sorry for the mess of a post, so much happened it was tough to keep it condensed. Hope you still got a glimpse into my weekend 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Wicked smaht in Boston!

  1. Hi Casie
    I read your previous blog which was more about you and life but this travel blog is slightly different and you tried giving words as you saw and felt on this trip. Which is perfect but I found the connection was missing. I mean reader (basically travel blog readers) wanted to know more about info, history, current, culture glimpse. Which was somewhat missing.
    But anyway I can get a glimpse of Boston. Something similar I am right now watching on YouTube – À traveler from India, his channel name is “Mountain trekker” is hitchhiking in USA and currently he is in USA.
    But anyway keep up the good work and keep right whatever your mind says.
    Insta – @pondererpagla

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for reading. Yes, I agree my blog doesn’t always stick to a particular theme. As it says in my bio I write about life and travel and all things in between. I just like to stay true to myself and talk about what I see and experience on my travels and then give links for people to learn more history (I’ve never been good at remembering random or important history).

      I’ll definitely keep your words in mind for my next post, which won’t be about travel, it’ll be another lifestyle type piece.

      Thanks again for reading 🙂

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