Things I love from A – Z

I didn’t know what to write this week. It’s been a tough one for me on the anxiety side of things. I moved into my new apartment with my amazing roommate, Sam (I’m sure she’ll be mentioned in future posts so keep notes everyone), and I find my anxiety gets really bad whenever there’s a big change happening in my life.

Anyways, I wanted my post to shed a light on things I love. Ranging from people, to animals, to inanimate objects — I have a lot of love to give and share with you. But I did a list last week of what I’m grateful for, so we’re spicing it up a little bit by going back to the ABC’s era of our lives and literally going down the alphabet soup list. Let’s go!

A – alliteration
B – bread, so much
C – conversations
D – dogs, easily
E – exclamation points — seriously I use them a lot!
F Рfood, family, friends (sorry this one gets three)
G – gemini’s
H – hope
I – i spy books
J – jesus
K – kohl’s
L – lemons
M – mungo
N Рnetflix
O – open minds
P – payday (look I’m just being honest)
Q – quantum physics, ha just kidding, the quibbler
R – rain
S – sunsets/sunrises
T – travel
U – unicorns
V – vacations
W – watermelon
X – xylophones (all x words are scientific or bad things…so…)
Y – you
Z – zodiac signs

What do you love? What’s you’re favorite letter? Mines probably f or w.


P.S. I really struggled on U and V…but we got there.

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just a girl inspired by traveling, dogs, and the people who surround her.

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