• sunny mornings
  • snuggles with Mungo
  • open roads
  • a good podcast
  • books that take you away from reality
  • best friends
  • weekly phone calls
  • simple text messages
  • good tv
  • having a roof over my head
  • rad coworkers
  • rainy days
  • blankets
  • air conditioning
  • iced tea
  • watermelon
  • a good playlist
  • family
  • being able to travel
  • creative outlets
  • being able to drive my own car
  • pink skies at sunset
  • tacos
  • every dog ever
  • alone time
  • Mungo enthusiastically greeting me when I come home
  • understanding friends
  • ice water
  • popsicles
  • sarcasm
  • helping professions
  • empathy
  • laughter
  • finding new hobbies
  • chocolate
  • having a job
  • seeing grace throughout random parts of my day

Sometimes I just need a minute to be thankful.


P.S. What are you thankful for today?

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Twenty something looking for inspiration, travel opportunities, and all of the dogs to cuddle.

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