My 7 favorite podcasts

I have a long commute every day. Usually it takes an hour each way to get to my job and when I first started, all I did was listen to music and that just didn’t pass the time at all. Don’t get me wrong, nothing makes me happier than a good playlist and an open road, but when you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper, stop-and-go traffic, nothing is worse than your favorite song blaring and you can’t do anything but sit with your foot on the brake. So I decided to give podcasts a try.

Throughout this time of listening to various podcasts, I’ve found a few of my favorites that help pass the time. I typically prefer podcasts that feel like conversations, aren’t taken too seriously, and make me laugh when I’m feeling tense. Every week I try to listen to one podcast I’ve been recommended and see if it can become part of my routine. However, I have my favorites and I’m ready to share them with you. (Note: I’m not listing these in any particular order, the days new episodes air are specific to the USA, and where you can listen is based on the very basic research I did)


Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig
I grew up on YouTube and was always a major fan of Grace Helbig. Her awkward humor and cool, but weird demeanor spoke to me on spiritual levels. With her co host Jack Ferry, each episode features a guest speaker (usually a youtuber, but there have been big names as well) where they discuss pop culture trends, coming of age stories, who they would throw cold spaghetti at, and making sure to keep it Not Too Deep. It feels like I’m in on a conversation and keep me laughing throughout a morning traffic jam.

New episodes: Monday’s
Available to listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and more!


Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

If you’re a fan of Queer Eye on Netflix and you’re a stan of JVN, then start listening to this podcast ASAP. The show only depicts one side of my kween Jonathan and henny he has the most curious mind ever. In this podcast he talks about Brexit, Cults, the bail system, and more. You may even spot another Queer Eye Cutie on the podcast here and there. Go get curious with JVN.

New episodes: Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s
Available to listen on:Apple Podcasts and Spotify


Jenna + Julien Podcast

Back on that YouTube lifestyle, one of my all time favorite podcasts is the Jenna and Julien Podcast. With new episodes every Monday, I’m able to start my days with a laugh. The two are both big names in the YouTube Community and have an amazing dynamic since the two have been dating for years. They talk about life, play games, have guests, and more throughout their weekly podcasts. Join the dink fam and tune in to one of my favorites.

New episodes: Monday’s
Available to listen on: Apple Podcasts, YouTube (you can watch & listen bb), Soundcloud, Their website (linked above), and more!


My Favorite Murder

Y’all, if you love true crime and all things scary murder unsolved mysteries, then this is the podcast for you. I’ll admit, I’ve only listened to a few episodes, because I scare easily, but the dynamic of the hosts Karen and Georgia is unstoppable. Almost all of my friends listen to this podcast and speak so highly of it, just personal advice don’t listen right before bed. Otherwise, get your laughs in while getting a little spooked, and stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

New episodes: Thursdays
New Minisodes: Mondays
Available to listen on:Apple Podcasts , Stitcher


Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Admittedly, I just started listening to this this morning, BUT I’m hooked. I’m halfway through episode 1 with Kristen Bell and I cannot wait to get back into my car to listen. Dax Shepard is one of my favorite humans to date and he’s married to another one of my favorite humans to date, so a podcast with him is all I ever needed in life. His podcast celebrates the messiness that is being a human (yes I took that right from the website) and honestly I love when people stop and open up about their lives and what makes them tick. Sign me up every week.

New Episodes: Monday’s
Available to listen on:Apple Podcasts


Almost Famous with Ben Higgins and Ashley I.

Listen, I’m a bachelor fan and I’m not afraid to admit it. Winter games? Loved it. Paradise? Love it even more. So having a podcast where they talk solely about bachelor nation and the episodes happening each week, with two bachelor vets, I’m all about it. It’s fun to hear who people are rooting for, what past bachelor/bachelorette cast members are up to, and who we’re predicting to see on  paradise. So for all my bachelor or bachelorette fans out there, this is for you.

New episodes: Mondays or Tuesdays
Available to listen on:Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, and more!


Adult Sh1t

An unfiltered take on life. Kelsey and Kate talk about things where they’ve screwed up so we don’t have to. However, the dynamic of the podcast is changing because Kate is leaving to pursue other things, but have no fear, Kelsey is staying with the podcast! I love this podcast because they’re so open and honest about their lives and make it absolutely hilarious to listen to. Also, if you’re into Buzzfeed, you may recognize the hosts.

New episodes: Fridays
Available to listen on: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and more!

What podcasts do you listen to? Who do I need to check out? I think it’s one of the best uses of my time when I’m driving, so I’m always looking for new ones to tune in to.


P.S. I’ve always wanted to host my own podcast, should I just go for it?

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2 thoughts on “My 7 favorite podcasts

  1. “I Don’t Get It” is hands down my favorite podcast! I listen religiously and laugh through most of it! It’s like catching up on girl talk during a long drive!

    1. Yes I always listened to that one until I found a few others I liked for my routine more, but honestly may need to pick it back on up because it always made me say “SAME!’ or laugh so hard. I need some more girl talk in my life, so this is definitely going back into my rotation.

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