A Washington, D.C. Wedding

This weekend I flew out with my parents to Washington, D.C., okay well not really D.C.… we flew into Baltimore (BWI Airport), but spent the weekend in D.C., okay not really DC, Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia actually, BUT we went into D.C. for a total of 3 or so hours, so technically I’m not lying to you. We flew out to Baltimore/D.C./Arlington for my sister’s wedding (cue cheers and applause)! It was such a nice weekend spent with family, for the most part, and I feel the need to tell you about it!

My packing list:
  • Pajamas
  • Dress for wedding day
  • Dress for day after wedding day dinner
  • Two pairs of jeans (worn for plane ride and exploration day)
  • Three tops (worn for plane rides and exploration day)
  • Jean jacket
  • Five pairs of shoes (yes, I know this is too many but I wore Single. Pair.)
    • Heels for wedding day
    • 2 pairs of keds
    • 2 pairs of sandals
  • Curling iron
  • Bathroom necessities
  • Wedding gift
  • Jewelry
  • Book


  • Flight at 6am
  • Arrive in Baltimore at 9:45am
  • Explore Annapolis, Maryland for lunch
  • Meet Molly at National Anthropological Archives for afternoon tour
  • Pre-wedding day shenanigans
  • Dinner and hangs


  • Hair and makeup at Molly’s apartment
  • Courthouse Ceremony at 1pm
  • Photos near Lincoln Memorial at 1:45pm
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Dinner at Hamilton
  • Drinks


  • Sleep in (so needed)
  • Explore old town Alexandria, VA
  • Naps (seriously, so tired)
  • Dinner with Molly, new bro Tim, and cousin Tim


  • Drive back to Baltimore, MD
  • Flight at 2pm
  • Back in Minneapolis by 4pm

The weekend was a total whirlwind of exhaustion, heat, exploration, and fun. When we arrived on Thursday we had extra time to go explore the beautiful Historic Annapolis. As we walked around the boardwalks and drove through the old town roads, I felt like I was in a place I’d love to live. It was so quaint and simple. Then we went to eat at the third oldest tavern in the United States, Middleton Tavern. I emphasize the third oldest, because my father sold me on going because I thought I was going to THE oldest. Number one, not number three. Reviews are in; it was a cool joint, but the food was mediocre.

Then we went to Suitland, Maryland to see the archives my sister works with and it was pretty cool! I wasn’t allowed to take photos because “my sister could lose her job if they got into the wrong handsyadda, yadda, yadda. So, you’ll just have to believe me when I say, there was an awesome kangaroo photo on the wall and he looked so tough but also like he was stretching his arms and I loved him. Otherwise, everything else she showed us was very old, didn’t smell the best, but all had such cool stories behind them. She’s kind of a big deal.

*insert imagination photo of kangaroo here*

Then before a blink of an eye, it was wedding day! Scalding hot wedding day. Seriously, so hot. 90 degrees. If y’all didn’t know, the snow just melted here in the Midwest so 90 degrees was too warm for this girl. But I tried my best to keep a smile on my face and keep the day as positive as possible for my sister. That’s what a maid of honor does. Once our hair and makeup (shout out to Glam Squad, Audrey & Carlos are the dream team!) was finished, we went over to the Courthouse for the ceremony. It was short, sweet, kind of weird in some parts, and air conditioned so we were all on board. Then we spent maybe 35 minutes near the Lincoln memorial before my sister called it quits and wanted to be in the AC. I was sweaty and thankful.

Dinner was at The Hamilton, if you’ve never been or are planning to go to DC, go to this restaurant! So delicious. Recommend 1,000%. Then we started to walk over to a bar to grab a few cocktails and my feet were crying, but I refused to complain because everyone told me to change my shoes and I’m stubborn. While we were walking, though, it started to pour down rain. That’s good luck on a wedding day, right? Overall it was a really nice, weather crazy day. Happy marriage, Molly and Tim, I love y’all and wish I was traveling through Iceland and Scotland right now!

Saturday, we slept in after what was one of the longest days ever. It felt so good to just take our time to get ready to explore. We drove over to Old Town Alexandria and again I was amazed by the row houses and old town feels. Sign me up for a life like that when I grow up. After a good, needed nap, my parents and I went back over to Arlington to have dinner with the newly-weds and one of my favorite cousins. We went to this awesome restaurant Farmers Fishers Bakers. A farm to table restaurant with some of the best shredded beef tacos I’ve ever had…and they had tiki drinks which were amazing.

Old Town Alexandria, Cobblestone street

Overall, it was a great weekend with a lot of family time (which is good…and not so good). Flying my favorite airline Southwest always eases any nerves I usually get and not having to give a maid-of-honor speech was a big highlight of the weekend. I’m so happy I got to explore some new cities all while celebrating my sister and new brother-in-law!


P.S. Anyone else get crazy grumpy after spending too much time with real adults? Because, me.

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