My favorite to least favorite US airlines

I love to fly. With it being one of the fastest, most efficient ways to travel, it’s easily my favorite form of traveling. Many people have their preferences on airlines and which is best, which is worst, who and what to avoid, where the extra charges come in, etc. and I’m no exception here. Now, I haven’t flown with every airline before, but I’ve looked into the booking process of almost every available US airline and have started to form opinions on what I find to be the best deals and experiences and I’ve given them my honest rating out of five and will be listing them favorite to least favorite.

Southwest Airlines – 4.8/5

Hands-down my best flying experience and booking process. They make booking easy and in my opinion stress free. I always find the best deals through them and love the fact I can check two bags FOR FREE. The flight attendants are hilarious, kind, and excited to be on the flight with you. You can choose to pay more for early seating, since this airline doesn’t have first class (another plus in my book). The only downfall for Southwest is many times you have to have a connecting flight or the flight times are ideal. But I can see past that for all of the other perks.

Delta Airlines – 4/5

I’ve only really flown Delta for international travel and each experience I have loved. The booking process is simple; however, I do find sometimes their prices are extremely overpriced. Take that as you will. The flight times available are always pretty good. Otherwise, I don’t have much else to say besides I’m excited to continue to travel with them.

American Airlines – 3.5/5

I’m giving them a mid-score because it’s been so long since I’ve flown with them, however I’ll be taking a trip with them this summer and I’m looking forward to it. Again, the booking process was simple and the extra fees didn’t feel excessive at all. They offer a ton of flight times to various cities all over the world, making them such a great competitor.

Spirit Airlines – 2.5/5

One credit Spirit deserves is their amazing deals for people in the military. I have friends who solely fly Spirit because they can get such a deal for serving this county and I say, “hats off to you, Spirit, I appreciate you giving back to our military.” That being said, I find it very annoying to see such a low price initially, but once you’re done selecting your bags, seats, etc. it almost doubles in price every time. That’s false advertising in my book and I won’t be buying into it. (Disclaimer: I’ve never flown with Spirit, because I can’t get myself to pay for all the add-ons, but maybe I’ll give them a try to get a review for this blog)

Sun Country Airlines – 1/5

Sun Country was once my favorite, go-to, airline. I’m not even kidding, I loved this Minnesota owned company with all my heart. I thought they had some of the best, most competitive prices, amazing customer service, and some of the best deals when it comes to baggage. However, they recently got bought out by a company in New York and offer less flight times, and locations, charge for everything including seats that are not first class or exit row, carry-on bags, etc. I have had bad experiences with them for over a year now and I’m officially done flying with them.

United – 0/5

They get a big ol’ nope from me. With all of their negative press this past year, dragging a person, killing a dog, and getting two dogs on the wrong flights (Japan and Kansas are the same right?) I don’t care what their booking process is like, I don’t care how many bags I can bring, and I don’t care how cheap their flights are – I will not fly with them.

Airlines I have yet to try:

  • JetBlue (I have a trip planned with them in June)
  • Frontier
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines

Since I’m not an expert on these airlines, I did some research to see if my opinions matched with any others. I found Forbes had an article on the best and worst airlines in America and The Point Guys had a really nice break down of the best and worst airlines of 2018.

After doing some more traveling this year, I’ll give an update on my experiences with each airline I fly with. Let me know what you want me to be testing out, which airlines you’re most curious about, and what some of your favorite airlines are and I’ll be sure to book a trip with them to test it out myself.

Happy travels!


P.S. Does anyone else stay brand/company loyal? Because as I was writing this I realized how specific I always am with my airlines instead of branching out. Be more open-minded Casie, gosh.

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2 thoughts on “My favorite to least favorite US airlines

  1. You have my top two carriers and that’s because of their service. I ended up writing a post of my experience with one them. Your last carrier on the list, to me, is always overpriced. Jetblue and Hawaiian are great also. Hope you get to try them for yourself so you can add them to your list. Very informative. Love this post.

    1. Awesome! I’ll be flying with JetBlue in June and I’m very excited! They just arrived at Minneapolis so I’ve been itching to fly with them. I’ll definitely go check out your post. Thank you for reading!!

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