How the weather affects my mood

I don’t know about y’all, but Minnesota has had quite the winter. Yes, winter. We’re just now getting to spring. Oh, you have green grass and blooming flowers? We still have snow melting and the ground continues to thaw. For Earth day you got to go outside and plant a tree? Yeah…I’m postponing my tree planting ceremony. Having this long of a winter really put me in a funk this year. I was grumpy. I’ve had a short fuse. I’ve been sad. I was unmotivated to be active and do anything good for my body. I was dealing with seasonal depression.

You know it’s been when local Minnesotans start complaining about the snowfall. After a record-breaking blizzard on April 14 (St. Paul/Minneapolis got close to 20 inches of snow), Minnesotans were fed up. Seriously, I didn’t come across one person here who was happy-go-lucky about the weather. Seasonal depression had hit the masses.

Then the most beautiful thing happened, warmth. The sun came out, melted the snow, showed us the brown, frozen grass, and the smiles I saw were so genuine. Everyone had their windows down. Each one of my neighbors were outside working on the yard, sitting in a chair, or grilling something good. Everyone came out of hibernation for some much need vitamin D, myself included.

For the last couple of days, I have felt lighter, more active, happier, and calm. Typically, my road rage is insane, I feel weighed down by whatever I ate or just gravity in general. And this made me really reflect about how thankful I am for warm weather. This may seem so obvious to people, but when I was going through winter this year, I couldn’t see an end. I had lost my rose-colored glasses and kept thinking about how more snow, more dampness, more dark nights were on the horizon. I completely missed how the sun was rising earlier and setting later and how the forecast has projected snowless days now for days straight.

But here I am, days into beautiful weather, riding with my windows down, feeling calm even in the midst of a traffic jam, shooting hoops in my driveway every night (no, I’m not getting better, thanks for asking), and generally just feeling happier. This last weekend I forced my parents to grill out every night and go on trips to look at plants we could care for and patio furniture we don’t yet need. I finally feel the hopefulness that spring brings. And I am so ready for the flowers and soft grass to come.


P.S. Don’t forget about the bonfires and most importantly the s’mores. Never forget s’more season is upon us.

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