What we can do for Earth Day

Earth Day is one of my favorite days of the year, simply because I am so grateful to live on this planet. I talk to mother nature almost daily. Trees are some of my favorite things this world offers. Oxygen keeps me alive. Sunrises and sunsets make my heart smile. The first bloom makes my allergies go crazy but the world around me swell with its natural beauty. I could seriously go on forever about why I love this planet.

With Earth Day, we’re reminded of this planet and how it’s our responsibility to care for it, love it, and cherish the resources it temporarily provides to us. It reminds us how this planet was created far before we existed. How it has survived every natural disaster. How we, as humans, are one of the sole reasons it’s decaying. It reminds us that we are the reason for its survival or death.

So what can we do on Earth Day to give our planet a little love? Well, let me tell ya, I can give you a few tips and tricks on what you can do Sunday and every other day of the year. Now I want to be clear, I am not an expert. I do not have a small carbon footprint. I, myself, produce too much waste to even admit. I can always, always, always, be doing better. This post is just as much for me as it is for you.

1. Count to 100 in the shower.

This seems kind of strange, but the amount of water wasted in the shower is insane. I take such long showers (especially in the winter) and I’m trying to find whatever possible to help me move faster. I found if I count the seconds I’m in the shower, instead of hosting my rockin’ concert with whatever ONE song is stuck in my head, I’m much quicker because I get bored.


2. Use less plastic baggies

If you’re packing a lunch, try using your glass or plastic containers over a ziplock bag. I’m horrible at this. Yet, when I’m eating my lunch I’m realizing just how much I’m throwing into the garbage at the end. Take a week and see how you can pack your lunch without using wasteful products. This may even make us eat healthier too.


3. Take fewer showers

I’ve gotten myself down to three showers a week from daily showers. Not only am I using less water, but I’m using less hair and body products too. Which is great! Dry shampoo has become a good ol friend of mine. (NOTE: Please shower according to your body. Some people may need to shower more for hygienic and mindfulness reasons for the people around them.)


4. Unplug and go outside

Instead of using all types of electricity, like reading this blog on your computer or phone, turn it all off, unplug it, and go enjoy the great outdoors. Even I plan to spend as much time outside as possible on Sunday and I’m in the current snow covered Minnesota.


5. Plant something, clean up a high way, or make a bee area in your garden

Take care of this planet by giving back to the planet. Clean up litter on a highway. Go plant a tree or some flowers. Put up a bee house in your garden where bees can feast on your flowers and flourish. Our bees are going extinct and we definitely don’t want that. SAVE THE BEES.


Whatever you choose to do this Earth Day, keep mother nature and this beautiful planet in the forefront. We don’t deserve such a beautiful place to live. Let’s help keep it alive.




P.S. Anyone else feel like they can do so much more, but still struggle daily?


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