Intentional Positivity

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.” – Shiv Khera

Yesterday I decided I wanted to take a day to be intentionally positive. Meaning, I wanted to, no matter what, keep a positive mindset and outlook on whatever life threw at me. I knew this would be particularly difficult to do on a weekday, since I have terrible road rage and drive 40 minutes to-and-from work each day. You don’t even what to hear the things I yell when someone cuts me off. I digress.

The night before my “day of positivity” I tried to keep good thoughts rolling until I fell asleep. I don’t know why, but I figured if I went to bed on a positive note, I’d wake up on a positive note. Which kind of worked. I woke up pretty rested and quickly went to the grocery store (yes, at 6:20am) to grab a few things for dinner that night. Let me tell you, it’s not crowded at the grocery store at 6:20 in the morning, so I was having a lovely time speed walking through the isles to get everything I needed. Then when I got to the checkout, I was stuck behind a man who ended up doing his full grocery shop. Now typically I would irrationally gruff to myself about how crazy it is someone would do an entire grocery trip this early in the morning or how crazy it was there was only one checkout lane open (I know, patience is just not a quality I strongly possess), but instead, I thought about how this man might just be getting off work and needed food for his family, or how it was 6:30 now in the morning so of course they only had one register open (I mean duh Casie). I walked out of the store victorious in controlling my irrational morning temper.

We’ll keep the car ride portion to work short. I drove, I got cut off, I took some deep breaths, laughed at the podcast I was listening to, and arrived at work in one piece and still in a positive mood. *victory*

Work was great because my coworker Lindsey was back from her two-week adventure through Spain and Portugal. Therefore, it just felt like everyone was in a good mood and the office felt full again. Again, victory was mine in the positive mindset realm (again, it’s easy when everyone is happy around you).

Drive home was the same as the drive to work. Drove, got cut off, took deep breaths, podcast, arrived home. *victory*

Right when I walked in the door I greeted my enthusiastic lil (huge) pup (dog) and my mom. Right After saying hello, my mom decided to give me some bad news about my grandma going to the emergency room. I take my deep breath and ask calmly why? Once I find out everything’s going to be okay, I give myself a imaginary high five for remaining calm and positive through the entire conversation. My mom continues to give bad news, after bad news, after sad story, after sad story. I finally tell her I’m doing a day of intentional positivity and she’s really bringing me down, so then she finally gives me a happy story.

Now I want to take a minute to say, I didn’t want to completely block out anything negative for the day. I actually wanted the opposite. I wanted to experience some of my every day downfalls or stressors and see what I could do to remain positive when I would typically get angry or sad. However, after so many sad stories and being given bad news, you sometimes just have to ask someone to stop.

The rest of my night included my good friend Allie who came over for dinner and snuggles with my dog (and quality time with yours truly and her parents) and honestly, I felt truly happy the entire night. Whenever it would get gloomy in conversation, I’d remind everyone about the positivity pact I had made with myself and we would all get back to happy conversation. Another victory.

During this day, I continued to be tested and challenged. Want to know my secret? I’ve mentioned it a few times this post. You guessed it…deep breaths. Seriously, they’re the best way to calm me down and bring me back to earth. I’m sure my coworkers have heard me take many deep breaths in the last two weeks (shout out to y’all because I’m sure that’s pretty annoying and I appreciate your support).

Overall, I felt good and want to continue doing my best to keep a positive mindset. I could feel my blood pressure lowering when I just accepted certain things were out of my control and I couldn’t change the fact someone decided to cut me off or that an issue comes up at work that has to be dealt with in a rather tedious inefficient matter. No matter what it is, I know after practicing positivity for a day, I’ll be able to continue practicing for days to come.

Life can get us down and make it hard to see some brightness, but I hope you (my perfect, faithful reader) try this out sometime. Or maybe you’re a way better person than me and already practice positivity on the reg. If so, go you, I aspire to be like you.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. I also kept my cool all day about the terrible weather forecast. *victory* 


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