up north

My weekend up north was a special one. Spending time with friends I hadn’t seen for months on end, hearing about their lives in a space all together instead of over snapchat, text, or a phone call. Being in a space where I could set my phone down and recognize the importance of being fully there instead of staring at a screen. It was exactly what I needed.

Before this trip I was feeling so consumed in the everyday social media life. Constantly checking my phone, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and email…I couldn’t get enough. I felt like I wasn’t present in my own life because I was so consumed checking in on what people were posting about theirs. So, to be in a place, where I was so busy creating my own memories, I didn’t care about the memories others were making for themselves. I finally, after weeks on end, felt free again and felt my life becoming my own.

The only use for my phone this weekend was: music and directions for the drive up, taking photos, and music and directions for the drive home. Sure, when there wasn’t anything happening, I did a quick check for text messages, social media updates, or to quickly text my best friend about the various dreams I had with her in them, etc. But not a deep dive like I usually do. I could completely set my phone aside and just enjoy my time with friends, whether we were hiking, drinking at a local brewery, playing card games, or just chatting with one another over a yummy meal, I felt present while with them.

I needed a weekend like this.

There are some weekend trips when the environment doesn’t encourage you to put your phone down and just enjoy the view. But a weekend along the north shore with friends you haven’t seen in a while definitely does.

Some of the things we did this weekend:

I want to give a big thank you to our hosts, Haley & Emery, and my wonderful travel buddies, Sam and Amelia. Y’all made this past weekend such a blast and I can’t wait for more fun adventures to come.

If you’ve been to Duluth, what are some of your favorite spots? What time of year do you prefer to go? I’d have to say I prefer summer or fall, spring is nice and we had perfect hiking weather, but it did get pretty chilly as the sun was setting.


P.S. I have to be honest with y’all, I did get a lil motion sick during our awesome plane ride, but I still had a blast and want my pilot’s license so bad.

P.P.S. I’m so bad with my phone, I checked it three times just while writing this…so embarrassing.

P.P.P.S. Huge shout out to Amelia for being a boss photographer of me this weekend. I’m so use to being behind the camera, I’m thankful my friend gave me a few good shots in front of one ❤

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