My trip abroad

I’ve mentioned traveling this summer multiple times in my recent posts, yet I don’t think I’ve actually dedicated any kind of post to my trip. I think I haven’t done this because I journal-ed about my trip every day and was able to reflect that way, unlike most other experiences where I use my blog to look back and enjoy those memories.

This summer, I was able to go to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and England (I also had lunch in Austria and France). I met the most amazing people, saw the most incredible sights, and grew as a person more than I thought I could (in the amount of time I was there). Instead of sharing a ton of photos and having you read a lot about the trip, I have two videos to show you. One I edited of my trip and one my friend Alina edited of her experience on the same trip.

My video:
Alinas video (check out her channel because she’s done a few trips abroad!):

(yes, the thumbnail is a pretty excited Casie face…)

Are any of these countries on your bucket list? Where are you going next?


My travel buddies for part of the summer!

P.S. if you’re wondering, my favorite place was Switzerland or Italy.

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