The Top 10 Places I want to see in the US

I live in the US up in the good ol’ cold Midwest. If you’re into sports, the Super Bowl was just hosted in my state. Minnesota, okay? I live in Minnesota. And while Minnesota is an amazing state and has so much beauty and nature to offer to the everyday visitor, I desperately want to travel around the US to see some of the places not so close to home. There are some places I want to check off simply because I feel like I have to see it, but then there are places I want to experience and truly embrace the culture in the area.

The Grand Canyon


Who doesn’t have this on their list? Honestly, I am dying the see the vastness of this place and feel small. I know a lot of people don’t want to feel small, but sometimes I just need a reminder of how massive this planet is and how I’m a small spec in its greatness and I’m just lucky to be a “tenant” and my only rent is to take care of it.

New Orleans, LA


I’ve been before and I loved it, so obviously I want to go back and really see it. NOLA’s culture is amazing, the food is spectacular (seriously, if you’re going, try the Gumbo Shop or Café Du Monde), and the night life is such a good time. This type of trip gives you a little bit of everything: History, Culture, Noms, Night-Life, Shopping, etc. I can’t wait to go back.

The Four Corners


You know it, the place where four states meet and you can Walk to Remember it with being in four places at one (quietly sobs over Landon and Jamie). This is where Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico meet. Honestly, this is one of the places I feel like I just have to go see it because someone made a big deal out of it and now it’s a landmark. I’m sure it’s cool, but right now it’s really just a lil obligation in my book.

Glacier National Park


The great outdoors. Here’s the thing. I don’t know how to camp, I don’t know how to hike (I mean I always say it’s just walking but I know that’s insulting and super wrong), so I don’t know how I’d do Glacier, but that’s the beauty of having friends who know how to camp and hike. They’ll go on this trip with me and show me the ropes (I hope…)

Seattle, WA


Why not Seattle? I’ve heard the vibe and atmosphere is one to remember and I’m all about it. Even if it’s raining all day every day, I’m sure I’ll find myself having a good time exploring the city. Also, I’m a big Grey’s Anatomy fan, so obviously I need to pretend to find Grey Sloan Memorial.

Boston, MA


I feel like a bad American for not going to Boston yet. Really, I haven’t gotten to explore much of the New England area. Boston just seems like a rip-roaring good time and I’m ready for it.

Portland, OR


Everyone has told me I would love Portland, so therefore I have to go and prove them right. It’s only about two hours from the coast, so I feel like there are a lot of easy opportunities to see a lot in a stay, which I love. Sign me up for a Portland trip, who’s coming with?

Houston, TX


Let’s be real, my main reason for wanting to go to Houston is to see my good friend, but I know there are so many other fun things to do there, it would be a great time no matter what. I also miss Texas and the amazing food and the kind people.

Los Angeles, CA


Now listen, when I was in San Diego, everyone told me to not waste my time going to LA, but here’s the thing, I want to be a complete tourist. I want to see all the studios, walk along Hollywood Blvd, maybe even do a celebrity house bus tour (okay, maybe not, that seems too intrusive, honestly), and I’d love to have the chance to run into a celebrity and make a total fool of myself. Go ahead and judge me.

Nashville, TNnashville-skyline-f3f09483

This is one I’m actually going to be checking off THIS YEAR! I absolutely cannot wait to be in Nashville, checking out the different places people perform, hopefully walk by the Grand Ol Opry, see the Bluebird Café (hi, have you noticed I’m a fan of the TV show Nashville?). I even get to explore it with my old college roomies and best friends.

Where are some places you want/need to go in the US? Where have you been that I should put on my list? If you’re in Minnesota, where would you recommend me checking out, because I know there are still a ton of places I should explore in my own state as well.

As always, thanks for reading!

P.S. Sorry for no post last week…I started my new job (wahoo!) and really need down time at night.

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6 thoughts on “The Top 10 Places I want to see in the US

  1. Mount Rushmore, and the badlands in South Dakota! The beautiful mountains in Colorado! It will take your breath away! New Hampshire, Vermont in the Fall. Beautiful breathtaking fall foliage! I mean seriously! New York City! Love Love. Want to go back there 🤗

    1. Wow this is such a sweet comment! Thank you! I hope you get to see the USA one day too!! Even though I live here, there’s still so much to see! If you’re ever traveling through let me know!

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