My 5 Packing Essentials

I love to travel. The entire reason I started this blog was to write about my study abroad trip. And tomorrow, I go on another trip to…


I am so excited for this “friendcation” and being able to experience a city I’ve never been to before. Well, I’ve been there, but when I was a small child with my parents and I have absolutely no memory of it. Since I’m becoming a self-proclaimed “pro-Traveler” I’m here to share a few of my personal packing essentials.

1. Sunglasses

These are always number one on my list (actually typing this reminds me I need to grab mine from my car for tomorrow…) No matter where you go, you’ll for sure need these, so don’t forget!

2. Headphones

Whether you’re traveling by a train, plane, or automobile, you’ll want headphones. Download a podcast, Spotify playlist, or audiobook, this will be one of your best ways to pass by the time on your journey!

3. Bullet journal (or regular journal)

I’m a note taker, planner, etc. so I always make sure to pack a journal, some pens, and the mentality to remember to write about my trip. I’ve kept a journal for every trip abroad I’ve done and it’s great to relive my memories years later.

4. Extra socks

I don’t know why I do this, and I doubt very many others can relate, but I always pack double the socks I typically need. I worry I’ll step in a puddle, or find a hole, or something else that requires two pairs of socks per day.

5. Reusable water bottle

Listen, I’m as frugal as they come and nothing bothers me more than spending $5 on an airport bottle of water. So a new packing essential for me has been a reusable bottle so I can find a fountain and fill it up. And you’re helping the environment so that’s an added perk!

No matter where you go, have fun and enjoy the ride! Be spontaneous and know it’ll be okay if you forget something at home. Keep it simple, keep it light, and you’ll have a blast. Happy traveling!


P.S. what are some of your packing essentials I should add to my list?!

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