Tuesday Morning Checkout

You offered to pay my “sales tax” and we talked about “my dinner”…

I couldn’t get you off of my mind the rest of the day. Your smile was radiant and even though we only talked briefly, I knew I would love everything about you. Leaving the store that morning hurt, knowing it was unlikely I’d ever see you again.

“She’s probably married…” I told myself as I drove to AutoZone for my morning shift. Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” was playing on the radio, as if I didn’t already have enough salt in the wound.

If only I were able to talk to you or have you over for the dinner I’m going to cook. I bet you’d never guess what it is…chicken. You probably would have guessed it, you seem intuitive.

I can’t miss out on the opportunity with you. I could go back to the store every day until I see you again, or I can make a post and hope you or someone you know stumbles across it. I think we’re meant to be.

I begin to type, “You offered to pay my ‘sales tax’ and we talked about ‘my dinner’…” a few sentences later and *click* it’s posted. I wonder if you check Craigslist.

Of course you do, we’re soulmates.

Thanks for reading my second post for PROMPTED! I think this prompt will be guessed pretty quickly. Be sure to leave your guess in the comments. If you want me to write about a prompt YOU created, leave it in the comments below and I’ll be sure to use it in the upcoming weeks.


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