Here we go again!

…Wait…who is this girl? Why is this blog all the sudden back on my feed? These are probably the questions you’re asking yourself right now and I don’t blame you. I stopped blogging for the past year for various reasons, but now I’m back with new ideas, inspirations, and most importantly, a fresh mindset!

If you look back to my last post… A wrap up of 2016¬†then you would see how my zodiac calendar specifically told me not to do anything too risky and how I even said “that’s going to be tough since I’m feeling extra risky this year…”¬†Well, the Gemini I am decided to do one of the most risky things a person could do, quit their job without anything lined up to travel for a while. Yep, you read that right. I quit my job almost halfway through the year and decided to take a trip to Europe and I honestly don’t regret the decision even for a second.

Now I’m back and ready to blog again and I’m starting it off with a new series: PROMPTED. This series will include various posts based off of prompts I’ve found in books, through friends, or online. I wanted to dig back into my creative writing roots and this seems like the best way to reintegrate that mentality back into my life. I have two books I’ll be looking to: 642 Things to Write About and a journal my friend Isaac gave me as a going away gift with many prompts. One is more personal prompts and the other is creative prompts. I’ll be choosing prompts at random, but here’s how YOU can be involved: whenever I write a post, try to guess what the prompt is. I’ll read the prompt, open WordPress, and write directly in a post.

Look out for the posts every Tuesday and Thursday! If you have a prompt you want me to write about, leave it in the comments or contact me!


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just a girl inspired by traveling, dogs, and the people who surround her.

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