Tips on being in long distance friendships

One of my best friends lives 1,463 miles away from me. Another one of my best friends lives 1,044 miles away. Another lives 999 miles away. And another lives 725 miles away. If you’re like me, you can’t remember a time when one of your favorite people in the world didn’t live far away from you. You’ve gotten used to not talking/seeing them every day and accepting they have other friends than you (you have other friends than them, too.) However, being so far away from one another never really gets easier, but there are ways to keep a friendship strong no matter how far apart you live from one another.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

I can’t stress this enough. When you miss them, text or call them letting them know. When something exciting happens, let them know. When something terrible happens, let them know. I think you’re getting my drift here. Whenever anything happens in your life – tell them.

Remember what’s going on with them

Don’t be the person that only talks about themselves. Ask questions and try to learn about the friends they have. See what they’re doing for school or work. Let yourself be a little nosy to try to keep up with their lives and then remember it so you can ask follow up questions.

Plan Skype/Google+ Hang Out/FaceTime dates

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my best friends face over a screen. While it’s not as good as being in person together, you can still make it just as fun. Plan to cook the same meal at the same time together. Get a Little Ceasar’s pizza on the way home and then stuff your faces together. Have you noticed a lot of my friendships are centered around food? Just use your imagination or do what y’all love to do and it’ll feel like you’re in the same room.

Make an effort to visit

While it doesn’t always make your wallet happy, taking the time off of work and planning a long weekend to visit your bff means a lot. You’ll get to see where they live, meet their local friends, and make some memories you’ll never forget. Every penny is worth it.

It’s not easy. Sometimes you get prideful and feel like you’re the only one making an effort – swallow your pride and reach out. If a long distance bff is a priority in your life, make that be known. I have a ton of experience in long distance friendships and these are what I have found to be the best methods to keep the friendship flame burning strong (did anyone else imagine Charmander’s tail staying lit?…just me? Okay cool).

Do you have a long distance best friend? If so, what do you do to combat the eternal pain of missing them too much?



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