10 things I’ve learned while “adulting”

You’re at the end of your college career or you’ve recently graduated and you’ve officially entered the life of an adult. People enter this stage of life at all different ages. I happened to hit it at the age of 22. I’ve officially been an adult for 6 months now and I can tell you one thing for sure – I’ve learned a few things. Well, 10 to be exact.

Developing a routine can be tough

Going from a life where you have your classes spread out throughout the day, you can meet up with friends to grab lunch and have a copious amount of time to really do whatever you want – whether it be filling it with extracurriculars, internships, etc. But when you become an adult, you tend to work a 9-5 job. You have certain things you do throughout the week. I’m not saying it’s all bad, but getting into a normal sleep pattern and focusing for a full 8 hours can be a challenge.

Healthy is a great idea

I don’t know about y’all, but I ate like crap growing up. Pizza was (still is) a main food group, potatoes are life, and salad was only ordered if everything else looked nasty. Now, however, I’m realizing that your body is such a special thing and if you treat it like it’s not, then you won’t be happy with how it functions. You’re getting older. Start taking care of yourself.

Alone time is important

I’m a people person. Ask anyone. I get energy from being around people. People make me happy. But I’ve learned that I can’t keep up with everyone anymore and I’m beginning to feel very drained when I spend a lot of time with people and have no “Casie-time” in between. Take time for yourself.

Managing your finances is a good idea

I’ve always been careful with my money. I watch what I spend and I make sure there’s always some cushion in my bank account. There are still times when I need a little assistance with it though. So if I’m not asking my dad about how to keep track, I’ve found Credit Card Insider to be quite helpful as well. They can help you find a credit that works for you and how you can use it most effectively…and building credit is a thing, y’all. So get ready for that fun ride.

Keep learning

You’re done with school so you’re done learning, right? Wrong. Learning is so important. Always keep the mindset of a student. You won’t regret it. Every day there is something new to learn. There are always new skills to master. Pick one and get started.

Disconnect to connect

I practice this A LOT. There are times when I feel connected to my phone and the only interaction I will get some days will be through text messages (how yucky is that?). So there are weekends where I completely unplug. I delete all of my social media apps on my phone or practice will-power. My favorite nights are ones where I’m with friends and we all vow to not look at our phones the entire time.

Family is THE most important thing

Living on my own and being a few hours away from my parents and states away from my sister has made me realize the importance of family. Now, I’ve always been a homebody, one who prefers to be with my family, etc. But now I get even more choked up leaving after a weekend at home.

Take time to travel

Your job is important. Earning money is a big deal. But if you have vacation time at work, USE IT. I know so many people who don’t use all of their vacation because they feel like they can’t. Please see the world. Learn about a new culture, even if it’s in your own country.

Get involved

It can get easy to just sit at home and watch Netflix every night, but take on the challenge of getting involved in things or make plans to hang out with people so you don’t become a couch potato. Join a sand volleyball league, volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, walk some dogs from a local shelter, or volunteer at a food kitchen to prepare meals. If you’re like me and are privileged enough to have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and job security, take time to help those less fortunate. You’ll grow more than you’d ever imagine.

“Adulting” is not a chore

I read an interesting article about how the term “adulting” needs to stop. And I fully disagree. You go adult, do the adulting thing. But don’t see it as a chore. Being an adult is exciting, stressful, freeing, and exhausting. Adulting gets hard. But adulting is not a negative feat. You can still be a kid at heart while practicing the lifestyle as an adult. (I think I’ve said adult enough)


Keep learning, growing, and adulting friends. I learn something new every day.



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