22 things I learned while 22

HAPPY JUNE (aka, the best month of the year)! It’s officially my birthday month which means I go into reflection mode and think to myself, “what new things did I learn this year?“, “did I discover anything about myself?“, “did I learn any big no-no’s while I made my mistakes?” Anyone else do this?

I’ve had an incredible year. I graduated college and got my very first big kid job. I live in and pay for my own apartment and all of my bills. I have money to spare to do a little traveling here and there. It’s been good. I’ve learned, laughed, loved, and lived my life exactly how I’ve wanted to and it’s been freeing.

With all of my time reflecting on my year, I’ve decided to put together a list of 22 things I learned at the age of 22. I know, super creative 😉

  1. Edward forty-hands is not a good idea. Ever.
  2. Living without your best friends isn’t the worst thing to ever happen.
  3. You may never grow out of the clutz stage.
  4. Focusing on your own health is important.
  5. There are things to stress over and things to not stress over – a mass media law exam is not something to stress over.
  6. Graduating is bitter sweet.
  7. Being in a long distance best friendship is hard, but SO good when you see your best friends again.
  8. Grocery shopping for healthy food just isn’t as fun.
  9. Watching Netflix for an entire day is okay.
  10. Taking a night in instead of going out is good for you.
  11. Wine drunk is far superior to anything else.
  12. As you get older, you’ll want a dog more.
  13. Sunsets are always relaxing.
  14. Cooking dinner for your friends and celebrating their accomplishments is just as fulfilling as celebrating your own accomplishments.
  15. Spending time with your family becomes more important every year.
  16. “Treat yo-self” is something EVERYONE should do – but remember to ball on a budget instead of spending $600 on shoes like Tom Haverford.
  17. Disney Channel Original Movies still make you ridiculously happy.
  18. It’s okay to be 22 and single. 100% okay.
  19. Happiness is the first day you don’t have to wear a winter jacket.
  20. Being picky makes life harder, try to want to try new things.
  21. Anxiety doesn’t define who you are.
  22. Time really does go faster as you get older…

I can’t believe I’m about to be 23 (!!) Here’s to another year of being awkward, sarcastic, weird, and happy.



Photo cred: my sister, Molly ❤

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just a girl inspired by traveling, dogs, and the people who surround her.

2 thoughts on “22 things I learned while 22

  1. Happy birthday! Yes! I go into introspective reflection mode around my birthdays, too. I get it. I haven’t quite hit 22 yet, but I am already learning to accept lesson #3 haha. Great list! – Gabriella

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