The Balancing Act

This semester I am learning how to balance my social and academic life. After failing to spend time with certain friends due to homework and failing an exam due to spending too much time being social, I’m learning that this whole college thing is a balancing act (of course during my last semester).


Throughout my time in school I never really needed to study all that hard. As long as I paid attention in class, took diligent notes, and looked over the study guide once or twice, I would be ready to go. However, now in my last semester, I’ve been spending my time in some classes looking for a job instead of listening and taking notes, or catching up on another project I am working on. Really, I’ve been doing everything I can to not deal with being a student this semester and that showed after my first exam in my Media Law class.

So, what do you do to balance a flourishing social life and a studious academic life? I’ve compiled a list of things I’ve been learning to do so I can have the best of both worlds.

I absolutely love the idea of a good ol’ study date. Two friends getting together and being productive? You can’t ask for anything more. My friends and I are very overwhelmed with our homework load this semester, so we’ve become each other accountability partners. Meaning, when we ask to hang out, we say we are going to be doing homework or if we’re going to have fun. It’s fantastic.

2. Setting aside time for both
The best way to make sure you have time for social and academic — make time for each one. In my planner I always put in time for homework and then I have times where I put down a friends name and that’s their allotted time, no distractions, just enjoying each other (these are my favorite parts of my planner).

3. Choosing Your Battles

Sometimes, you have to choose homework over social. There may be a really fun party or event happening, but if you have too much to do, then you have to choose to either fail an assignment or spend the night in. I’ve been making a lot of tough choices like this and it really does help me. Be decisive and stand firm in your decision.

It can be really hard to say no to friends or see a failing grade on an exam. So do your best to really find a balance for the two. Don’t let one slip through the cracks because you’re studying too hard or having too much fun.

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