Time flies

Oh my gosh, it’s Sunday and I broke my goal of writing once per week. So to take back breaking my goal, I’m going to say for this week, we start on Monday, not Sunday…

I only have 83 days until I graduate. WHAT? I am so not ready for my time in college to be up. However, I kind of am, too. I feel like I’ve done so much homework over the past 17 years. I am over it, so over it. It honestly takes me hours to get motivated to get homework done. I am ready to be able to work during my day, then have the nights off to workout, cook real food, and read a fun book. Who’s with me?!


I’ve been applying for jobs (just applied to one that I realllllly want) and I’ve been spending time with my roommates, friends, and peers. I am loving super senior semester. Minus the stress I am constantly feeling and the lack of sleep I am having, my life is so good. I have great friends constantly supporting me in any endeavor I pursue and my family is never far behind my wacky ideas.

I’ve been feeling extra creative lately for my fiction writing class and I feel like I’ve been challenging myself to write better and more often than I use to — GO CASIE!


I’ll write again this coming week with a more secure topic, I obviously have no idea what to write about right now.

Thanks for reading,


I'm a flexible one...
I’m a flexible one…

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just a girl inspired by traveling, dogs, and the people who surround her.

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