Last first day!

It’s official everyone, I am completely done with first day jitters (even though I really haven’t dealt with that since freshman year). Today, I started my 17th year of school. Yes, I am a super senior. Yes, I know I’m old. And yes, college is taking me 4.5 years — trust me, extending your stay for as long as possible isn’t as easy as it looks.

Today I went to one class (see there are perks to being a super senior!) Tomorrow I will go to one class. I only have four classes this semester and two of them are night classes, so most of my days I will only have one class — BOOYAH. So to fill my time outside of class, I’m picking up a ton of hours in the admissions office on campus. I love my internship there, so honestly, this is the best semester ever.


To be honest with you, this time last year I was thankful to have an extra semester at UW-Eau Claire. I was excited to be with all of my wonderful friends, have more time learning in the admissions office, and extend my stay so I could stay away from the real world longer. But here’s the truth to all of my hopes and dreams… Most of my really good friends graduated in the spring, so I’m spending a lot of down time alone — which if you know me isn’t my top choice. I’m still constantly learning in the admissions office, which is awesome!!!, but I’m definitely struggling with the feeling of wanting more and wanting to be full time. Lastly, the real world is creeping into my life little by little, so I’m not really getting to enjoy the world that is college (which, hi Casie, it’s the first day of school, stop being so dramatic). I know. I’m sorry. I just want to get all of this off of my chest.


I know everything is just getting started and things are going to be looking up and feeling like college again soon — but when you have homework due on the first day of class, all you can think about is how unfair life can be (but seriously, the first day?!? Reaaaaallly??!).

Any who, I hope everyone who started school back up today had fun and enjoyed themselves. If you’re out of school and working in real life and being a real person, kudos! Keep doing what you’re doing!


Next week is probably going to be a little bit more serious — stay tuned.


First day of 17th grade!
First day of 17th grade!

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