Since being home.

I haven’t updated this blog in forever and thought I would give everyone an insight to life after study abroad.

I miss it everyday. There’s not a moment that passes where I don’t think of something that reminds me of the beautiful city of York, the manor of Harlaxton, the friends I made, or the crazy experiences I had. Everyday I grow more appreciative of the opportunity that I had to go to England. I never realized how a lot of people don’t and won’t have that opportunity to ever go abroad and I’m already planning a trip back to places I’m desperate to see and experience.

However, I think the most notable part of being home is constantly missing the people I experienced England with. We all go to school together, but we’re all involved in such various things, we have to try really hard to see one another. We’ve gotten together multiple times since being back and every time we’re together it’s like we never left.

Literally a week of being at school we all couldn’t handle the separation, so we met for ice cream. Image

Then within another few weeks a lot of us helped out at the study abroad fair to get others to go on the same trip we had gotten to go on and absolutely loved.


Then it was Nat’s birthday, so of course some of us made it out to her birthday dinner.


Also, majority of us have been on an intramural team together with a few other guy friends, and if someone isn’t playing, they’re definitely on the sidelines supporting the Harlaxton Cats.


On top of that, three of us are in PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America), so we see each other almost on a weekly basis.


And then finally, just this past weekend, we all got together in one of our professor’s lovely home and enjoyed a dinner together where we gave each of our professors a picture of the group, signed by each of us with love and appreciation.


I think I can honestly say I miss each one of them every day I don’t see them. I’ll never forget my time with them and I’ll always cherish the friendships we built while abroad. I’m so thankful for my experience, now more than ever. I hope to go back with a handful of these crazy people, because they are my family abroad. I couldn’t imagine going without them.

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