Dublin, pretty grand.

We arrived at the Dublin airport around 2:30pm and found our way to the bus stop to take us to our hostel. As we were trying to find the correct bus, we met a couple people that all really helped us out. So Dublin was already positive meeting so many kind people.

The bus ride there, we sat with a guy, Sammy, who goes to the University of Belfast in northern Ireland. He studies law and was visiting Dublin for missionary work. He was so interesting to talk to because he knew everything about the United States and he was genuinely interested in talking to us as well. We had the same stop, however, once we got off the bus, we ended up going is opposite directions.

We found the hostel rather quickly ( compared to other places we’ve gone too ) and the receptionist was really kind. We got up to our room to find it was a four bed, however, they were allowing us to just be the two of us for the next three nights. So basically, compared to other living situations, we were living like royalty. The wifi was spotty, but we got it to work eventually.

We spent the evening reading, relaxing, and lastly finding a place for dinner. We went to a place called Neon. It was asian food, I got Pad Thai ( of course ) and with every meal they give you an ice cream cone to enjoy at the end of your meal. We then went back to the hostel, showered ( I mention this because these were literally the most amazing showers on the entire trip. They were AMAZING ), then headed off to bed.


The next morning we bought tickets for the hop on hop off bus tour. We had decided that we were going to the Guinness Brewery and the Dublin Zoo, then if we had extra time we were gonna hit up random places on the list.

The Guinness Brewery was really impressive. We got to go through the process of how it’s made and then how they sell it through advertisements. We even got to pour the perfect pint! Amy and I did a taste test of Guinness and we honestly weren’t fans… so when we poured the “Perfect Pint”, we ended up giving ours away to two guys that were also in our “class”. We then enjoyed the Sky Bar, which overlooks the entire city of Dublin, by just looking around, then walking back down the stairs.

DSCN1373 DSCN1376 DSCN1381 DSCN1382

After the Guinness Brewery, we hopped back on the bus and headed for the Dublin Zoo. It’s the second oldest zoo in the world and might I say, quite an impressive one. We saw farm animals, elephants, tigers, penguins, and all the other types of animals you would see at any normal zoo. It was the perfect afternoon for us.

DSCN1389 DSCN1403 DSCN1416 1003269_10151706750200699_1022672822_n

Afterwards we found lunch, went to a couple souvenir shops, then headed back to the hostel.

The next day we headed out again in the morning because we had planned to buy tickets to go on a Vikings Splash Tour. It was on a “duck” boat, or amphibious boat. The energy and personality of our guide was incredible. We had a really good time and would suggest that tour to anyone that is visiting Dublin.

DSCN1418 DSCN1420 DSCN1431

We then hopped back on our hop on hop off bus and hit up more of the wonderful locations it stops at. We looked at Dublin Castle and St. Patricks Cathedral, then we actually toured the Jameson Distillery, which was absolutely amazing. We walked in, got our tickets for our tour, waited about thirty minutes, then we were off. Amy and I ( after a bit of protest on my behalf ) got chosen to be test tasters for later in the tour, which was actually not as fun as it sounds. We both didn’t enjoy whiskey’s straight. I’d prefer water any day. However, the distillery was really fun and again, something I would suggest to anyone visiting Dublin. We then did a couple more sightseeing stops, like visiting the memorial in honor of the man who defeated Napoleon.

DSCN1487 DSCN1505 DSCN1512 DSCN1514


DSCN1441 DSCN1451 DSCN1454

We got back to the hostel around dinner time, so we grabbed food, then went to sleep. The next morning we caught a bus to get to the airport ( which was surprisingly easy ), checked our bags, and as quickly as we got to Dublin, we were leaving.

Dublin is an amazing city and I really would tell everyone to go there at one point or another. You won’t regret it.


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