Paris: The City of Lights

Also known as, the city of really challenging travels.

We got on the chunnel ( Eurostar ) around 1:30pm and headed towards Paris. We were assured this would be the easiest way to get to Paris, which is true. However, during our travels, the chunnel broke down ( they had to fix the engine.. or as they say engina ) Luckily, that only set our time back about forty-five minutes.

When we arrived at the station, we had to find a place to get Euro’s, then we had to find a place that sold Metro tickets.  Finding money was simple, they had a place that was easily labeled ( one of the only places easily read ) CASH. So we started out there and grabbed some money, then we headed down towards the Metro area. We tried multiple machines and tried talking to multiple people to help us get a ticket and finally someone told us we couldn’t use our cards on the machine because we didn’t have the chip. We went into a little magazine shop and exchanged our money for coins so we could buy our tickets.

Once we had our tickets we found the Metro we were suppose to take, hopped on, and we were off. We arrived at the station that would switch us to the Metro that would take us to the hostel, so we hopped off to get onto the next one…however, the one we were planning on taking was closed down due to construction.. They had signs saying to walk to the other station on the line, so that’s what we did. However, we walked the wrong directions because they had no arrows to show which way we were suppose to go. So there Amy and I were, searching for where we were suppose to be, in a very sketchy area of Paris, lugging around our 45+ pound bags and all our personal possessions, lost. People were kind and helped us carry our bags up the steps, some people asked us if we needed help, a couple guys even asked us to coffee ( which was sweet, cause we were sweaty and gross, however, it could have been a scam ). Finally, we found the Metro we needed to be on.

We got to the station we were suppose to get off at to get to the hostel, however, once we got off, we kept walking the wrong ways, leaving it to almost impossible to find the street we needed to be on. At this point, we were over an hour late to meeting my sister. Thankfully, Amy is very good at figuring out where she is, she finally realized where we turned wrong and we found the hostel.

We got all our things settled into the hostel, figured out what all we needed to do, and were finally with our Paris lifeline, my sister. Molly ( my sister ) and her friend Claire suggested we go see the Eiffel Tower at night, since we had such a rough day of travels, and then we find some food to enjoy.


We grabbed a couple crepes ( so Paris ) then we sat along a river and after walked over to the Eiffel Tower. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. We arrived right before the new hour, so as we were taking pictures it began to sparkle. We watched it as long as we could, we walked around a bit, then we headed back to the hostel and finally fell asleep by 1:30am. ( Did I mention our bathroom in the hostel smelt like disgusting pasta? )


The next day we decided to do a free walking tour! It began at 11 so we grabbed breakfast at the hostel then headed out, giving ourselves enough time to either get lost or shop around once we found the spot we needed to be at. Luckily we did, because we continually got lost, but found the fountain it began at fifteen minutes before the tour began. We got in a tour group with a leader that was very charismatic and friendly and really gave us an amazing tour. We saw everything Paris had to offer. For only having a day in Paris, this walking tour was definitely something that should be done.

DSCN1233 DSCN1241 971502_10201508768906157_1576938428_n

After the tour we met up with Claire and walked over to a shopping center that was having amazing sales. By this point I wasn’t planning on buying anything but souvenirs, because I was quickly running out of money. But it was still nice to walk around and see all these stores I had never heard of. By this point, we had planned on a boat tour that night so we were figuring out how much time we needed to get over to the starting point of that tour. We walked back over towards the Eiffel Tower, grabbed some ice cream, and found the area that the boats were docked at.

DSCN1270 DSCN1269 DSCN1247

The boat tour was great because we sat on the edge to see everything we could, there were recordings that gave all the history about what we saw and considering how beautiful the night was, it was the best way to finish off our trip to Paris.

DSCN1272 DSCN1300


That night we found a place to eat, booked a shuttle to pick us up for the airport in the morning, repacked, then headed off to bed.

Although I would never go back to Paris, what I did see was beautiful and I would say if you’ve ever been curious to go, definitely go, just be cautious with what modes of transportation you choose to take.


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