Back to the beginning: Harlaxton

The final week of the program was spent at the beautiful country manor of Harlaxton. It was exactly what the group of us needed to really focus on our final papers and each other before we all went in separate directions.

We got back to Harlaxton right around lunch time. We were so excited because we finally didn’t have to purchase our own meal and try to find a healthy balance with bread and fruits. It was all set out, right there for us. ( A college kids dream. ) We spent the day unpacking, settling in, and spending time together.

On Monday we got assigned our final paper prompt and had a lecture. The lecture was long and somewhat uninteresting, but seeing it being the final week, nothing could have been done to make me feel any more interested in the topic. After the lecture we had a free afternoon, so it was spent with friends and movies and a little time outside.

On Tuesday it was Amy’s birthday! Sadly, we had a tour so we couldn’t spend the entire day celebrating her, but we did our very best. Luckily on the tour ( it was at a cathedral ), we were allowed to go on the rooftop and oversee all the grounds, the vandalism that had occurred on the rooftop, etc. It was really an amazing sight and really felt like an adventure. That night we celebrated Amy’s birthday down in the Bistro. It’s a little place within Harlaxton that plays music, serves food, and all the works for the students to really enjoy themselves. It was a great night, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY (:

DSCN1173 DSCN1170

The next day was our busiest day. We had lecture in the morning, and might I say, LONGEST LECTURE OF MY LIFE. It went two hours longer than really necessary. I honestly couldn’t even tell you what it was about. The man who was presenting didn’t have much personality while speaking to really keep us students focused on the lecture. Luckily, he was cut off right at lunchtime. After lunch we got to go back to the walled gardens at Harlaxton and get a full tour of them. It was great learning about all the different aspects to the garden, what types of renditions still needed to be done, and why certain things will never be remodeled. We got to see sweet Tia ( the dog that lives on the property ) and even Grace, a huge bunny.


After we spent our morning and afternoon in class, we all got dressed up for our final dinner together. We went down to The Greggory and enjoyed every bit of food served to us. We all spoke about how wonderful our trip was, what our favorite memories were, and then at the end, heard a heartwarming speech from Kat. It started to hit all of us how hard it was going to be to say good bye to one another.

DSCN1210 DSCN1212 DSCN1217 DSCN1191

On the last day, all we had to do was turn in our papers and spend the day packing and spending time together. And that’s exactly what we did.

The first to leave were Kat and Jessica. We sprinted down the driveway after the car, hopeful they weren’t actually leaving. The next morning, Emily and Emma departed at five in the morning, I woke up early to say good bye, once again wishing they weren’t leaving us. Then, right after breakfast, the next ones departed, Ellie, Rachel V. & Nick. An hour later myself, Amy, Natalie, Rachel T, Kallie, and Dr. Mann piled into a tiny, tiny, cab with our heaps of luggage to go to Grantham Station. After the train ride, we all said good bye to our professor, Dr. Mann. ( And then there were five.. )

The five of us spent as much time as we could together before our separate trains, planes, or cabs departed. Kallie and Rachel T were headed to Barcelona for the next six days, Natalie was off to Italy ( after meeting up with her sister ) and Amy and I were off to Paris and Dublin.

Within minutes it felt like, we were all separated.

And then there were two.


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