Off to Wales we went!

I fell in love with a city called Cardiff. Not only was it one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been, but it really made me love this opportunity.

We left for Cardiff on Friday. When we arrived we got our keys and found out four of us were in one room with two random roommates, and the other two were in a room with four random roommates. I was in the room with four of us and we had one roommate from Austrailia and another that we didn’t meet the first night. We were all starving so we decided to ask some guys from South Africa where we should go… they were no help,  but they did introduce us to some girls from America, both here for internships, visiting Wales for the weekend. We all left the hostel and went to a street that looked busiest. Most places were closed because it was past ten, so we kept walking. Then we saw a place called “Lilo’s”. It was a middle-eastern Mediterranean restaurant. The owner basically dragged us in saying, “Hungry bellies welcome!!” So we obviously had to go in. Amy and I shared a chicken course that was delicious! We had good conversation with the girls from America and were finally full. After paying the bills, it was finally time to head back to the hostel.  The first night at Nomad our hostel was interesting.. pretty positive there was a fight outside our room at three in the morning, then people were talking insanely loud outside our door, but since we were all so exhausted, I think it didn’t matter what conditions we slept in ( although some of the girls complained all morning ). We set our alarms for 8, because we wanted to take advantage of the free breakfast the hostel provides, since we are technically on a budget. The breakfast was exactly what I was expecting: toast. Honestly, for me, it was the perfect breakfast.

We sat at a table talking to our australian roommate and a guy from Switzerland ( he was INSANELY attractive ). We washed all our dishes after eating and decided to make the most out of our day, so we headed out right away at nine. We walked out with the guy from Switzerland and were all waving goodbye and heading on our way when all of a sudden I heard a big bang! I turned around to see that Amy had ran right into a light post. It was the most hilarious, heartbreaking thing. After getting her some tylenol, and making sure she knew what day it was and who we were, we were on our way to the bay!  At first we got lost and had to ask for directions, but we finally found our way down to Mermaid Quay/Cariff Bay. It was the most picturesque boardwalk I had ever seen. It was filled with little boutiques, nice restaurants,  and a merry-go-round!

We walked around the little shoppes, checked out each area of the pier, and took a lot of photos. ( However, none of these photos can be accessed on my tablet. )  It was really fun and really relaxing to finally have a small break from class, even though our class is definitely managable. We grabbed a “quick” lunch at a random pub ( I say “quick” because it took over an hour to get my salad ) After that we headed over to the shopping centre there, which was insanely overwhelming. Honestly, if you choose to go to Cardiff, I would say just skip the shopping centre. Focus on the history and the bay, because you’ll get more out if it.

DSCN0433 DSCN0448

We were all pretty tuckered out after the bay and shopping, so we figured we would go back to the hostel to relax for an hour, then go find some dinner. We chose a place called “Ernest Garden” ( which was delicious! Try the mozerella, tomato, pesto panini ) Honestly, I’m still obsessed with my sandwich, ask anyone.

The second night at the hostel was better and it seemed like the beds squeeked a bit less. The next morning we went to a suvenior shoppe, then caught an earlier train back to the beautiful Harlaxton.

Check back for my post on York! It’ll be up in a day or so!


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